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Our Family

Friday, January 17, 2014

ABC Snacks: Letter A

If you read this blog regularly, you know how much I love All About Learning Press.  Lily is using All About Reading Pre-1, Christian and Anthony are using All About Reading/Spelling Level One, and Alex is using All About Spelling Level 3 and will be starting Level 4 soon.  The other day, I received an email (I am on their email mailing list) about a new series that was posted on the All About Learning Press Blog called ABC Snacks: Eating Your Way Through the Alphabet.  You can find the blog post here.  There is a snack listed for each letter of the alphabet that your pre reader can make.  Each recipe can be printed out and they have a cover that you can download and print out so you can put all of the recipes into a cookbook for your child.

I thought this was such a cute idea!  I wish it had posted back in the fall when we first started All About Reading Pre-1 because this makes such a great hands on activity to go with each letter as you are learning them.   But we just decided to start back at the beginning of the Alphabet and do each one of the snacks.  Today was letter A.  We made the "snack" at lunchtime and listened to The Ants Go Marching In as the ants marched across the muffin tin.  We did 12 muffin cups since 2 girls were eating out of them.  In them we put tomatoes, carrot sticks, ranch dressing, 2 of cut up hot dogs, 2 of mac n cheese, pudding, applesauce, goldfish, and ketchup, and a small pieces of lunch meat.

Then I printed out a picture of the girls making the snack and the recipe for the snack.  We glued the picture to the recipe page , laminated it, punched holes in it, and put in in a binder.  This will be their cookbook. When they look back through it they will have not only the recipes, but see the photo of what they made as well.

They had so much fun with this and can't wait to do letter B!

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