Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Working on the Nature Quilt

Last winter, we started going to a Nature Quilting Program at Grandview.  Each month there was a program on a nature topic and then everyone was given a quilt square pattern on that topic.  At the end of 12 months you would have 12 squares to sew into a Nature Quilt.  I thought this would be something that Chelsea might be interested in, but honestly she really loves sewing clothes, but she is not so much into quilting.  Some of the other children: Alex, Christian, and Lily were very interested though.  So I had to figure out how I was going to able to have a 9,6, and 4 year old be able to make these quilts.

What we decided to do was to print off templates for each of the nature topics.  Then we traced them onto an ironable Heat and Bond, ironed them onto the material, cut it out, and then ironed them again onto a 10x10 inch square.  We had finished several squares by early spring, but then as life got busy we did not have an opportunity to work on them for awhile.  The last several weeks have been cold or rainy,, so we have started working on the quilt squares again.

Alex decided he did not want to work on his (he got some model cars for Christmas he has been putting together), but Lily and Christian were ready to get them finished.  We finished all 12 squares yesterday for both quilts.  Our 12 squares are: butterfly, fish, flowers, white tail deer, bird, bat, snake, frog, arrow heads, bee, ladybug, owl.

Lily's Quilt Squares

Christian's Quilt Squares

Lily wanted to get hers sewn together.  She was very excited to get to help use the sewing machine.

Lily's all sewed together
Since we live so far away from anywhere that sells material, I got on joanne.com yesterday and was ver happy to see they were having a 50% off sale and $2.95 flat rate shipping.  I let Lily and Christian pick out two colors to go around the quilt panel and what they wanted for the back.  Hopefully it will come this week and we can get this project finished!
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