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Our Family

Monday, January 13, 2014

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 19

I had intended on getting this posted yesterday, but my son was using my computer to stream the Denver Broncos game and by the time it was over, I didn't have time to use the computer.

Anyway, last week was our first week back to homeschool after Christmas break.  It was really nice to get back into our regular routine.  Monday we got off to a bit of a slow start but the rest of the week we managed to get right back into our regular schedule.

We are steadily making our way through America the Beautiful.  We have started doubling up on the lessons on Mondays and Wednesdays and doing single lessons on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  As much as we are enjoying this curriculum, I really want to finish it this year and not have it take two years.  We finished our Brady read aloud and will be starting Bound For Oregon this week.

Everyone completed another lesson in Math.  Chelsea has almost completed Algebra 2 and Math U See Stewardship is arriving this week.

Nick and Alex moved on to the next lesson in IEW on writing reports. The video segment was very long so we split it into two days.  The first report they are writing is in Whooping Cranes.  They completed one keyword outline and wrote one rough draft paragraph.  We will be working on the rest of the assignment this week.

Before the break Anthony and Christian finished IEW PAL Part II.  They are not yet ready to move on to Part III.  We are going to wait until next fall for that.  In the meantime I found some copywork for them from Simply Charlotte Mason that was free and they will work on that the rest of the year.

Wednesday we had an opportunity to do some hands on science.  We went out to Grandview and did a program on fossils.  It was so nice to be able to go to a fossil program that did not have any evolution references.  The children got to make 3 different types of fossils, dig fossils out of plaster, and complete a fossil lapbook.  You can see everything we did here.

In our Apologia science we are working on a lesson on Primates.

Thursday started off being an ordinary day.  It was rainy and yucky outside.  When we started working in the morning, I thought that the lights in our school room seemed dimmer than usual.  But the children didn't think that they were so I didn't think any more of it.  We did our normal morning school work, had lunch, and started on our afternoon school work.  Then the power went out.  It was only out for a second, but when it came back on the lights downstairs were flickering a little bit.  Then we went to use the stove a little later and the stove wouldn't work.  The cooktop or the oven.  I hadn't been downstairs in awhile, so I didn't know the lights were still flickering down there.  I thought the oven had bit the dust as it is over 25 years old.  Art brought home pizza for supper since I couldn't cook anything and started looking into the problem.  Then the really strange things started happening.  Things were turning off and on by themselves, lights were dimming all over the house, light switches downstairs were turning things on upstairs, and the heat went out.  After checking things over inside, Art went out to the box outside and it was knocked sideways on the pole and he could smell burning wires.  It was after 7:30 so we turned off everything in the house and went to spend the night at a friends garage apartment.  The children thought it was a great adventure, Art and I not so much, but we were so thankful to have a free place to spend the night.  Our fear was that whatever was wrong at the box had shorted out our heat pump.  The next morning we headed back to the house and waited for the power company to come out.  They got there around 11:30 and turned off our power.  There was some kind of leak in the seal on the box that allowed water to get in and blew the breaker.  If we could get it fixed before 5 than they would come back and turn on the power that day.  If not it would be Monday morning.  So I went back to a friend's house with the children and Art went to buy everything he needed to repair it.  He worked outside in the pouring down rain for 4 hours and got it finished about 4:00.  I called the power company and by 4:45 our power was back on!  And the heat pump and stove were working fine!  The children and I loaded up the van with our air mattresses and clothes we had taken and headed back home.

I did not do much with the little girls this week.  We did not start a new BFIAR book.  Lily did a new letter page, and worked on her piano lesson twice and they got to go to Grandview and make fossils and made the lapbook.  Lily is also working on her nature quilt (Christian is doing one too) and has one square left to make before we can start sewing it together.  I will post a picture when they get the last square done.

I hope you had a great week in your homeschool!
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