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Our Family

Monday, January 20, 2014

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 20

We had a great week in our homeschool this week and we got a lot accomplished!  Christian has been feeling under the weather though.  He started with some nasal congestion, sore throat, and low grade fever lon Tuesday afternoon, so he did not do any school work Wednesday or Thursday.  Instead he had a Star Wars movie marathon while laying on the couch, eating soup and popsicles and drinking Gingerale.  He still isn't 100 percent, but he is better.

The first big accomplishment of this week was completing Nick and Alex's 4 H Record Books.  All of my "spare" time over the last couple of weeks has gone to working on them.  It is quite detailed and not at all easy for 9-12 year olds to do on their own.  Chelsea of course is fine to complete hers on her own after we go over the list of everything she has done.  I am glad to have that finished for this year!

We have been able to double up on lessons in America the Beautiful.  Since we are also assigned two chapters of a book to read each day I have been reading two chapters in the morning and two in the evening and that has worked out well.  Our current book is Bound For Oregon. I am hoping to finish Book One by next week.

We finished working on Primates in Apologia's Land Animals.  This week we are moving on to Rodents (oh boy!)

Nick and Alex finished up their 3 paragraphs on Whooping Cranes in IEW.  The lesson is on writing reports using different source texts.  They were given three mini books on Whooping Cranes and had to read through the first and last sentence in each paragraph and highlight words that were the same or meant the same thing to tell them what the paragraph was about.  Then they had to choose one of the topics, create a key word outline and write a paragraph using their checklist telling them what stylistic techniques they have to include and what banned words they cannot use.  I have found that having the free IEW app on our iDevices has come in very handy to help the boys find what they need without having to flip through their notebook.

We completed another lesson in Math, Reading, Spelling, and Latin, and 4 lessons in Bible Study Guide For All Ages.

We had some fun this week with our first Eating Through the Alphabet Snack.  You can read my post on it here.

We also did a little Art at Home on Friday.

And worked on our Nature Quilts on Saturday.

I have started planning for next year.  I am working on a pile of items I need to get listed to sell and have started looking for a few things I am certain I would like to use next year.

Just in case you are interested in some things that I am reading, I thought I would add that into this post.  I am reading the 90 Day Bible NIV version which has you read the Bible from cover to cover in 90 days.  I bought it for my Nook and it tells me where to stop and start everyday.  I take it with me when I am putting the girls to bed at night and stay in there with them until I am finished reading the assigned section.  I am also reading Six Days The Age of the Earth and the Decline of the Church by Ken Ham.  I love Christian Fiction and Historical Fiction.  I just finished The Smitten Book Club and will be posting a review on it soon.  I also received 2 gift cards for my birthday that I could buy books with.  I did end up buying 3 books for the children, but the rest I spent on myself.  One of the books I bought that I am reading now is Once Upon a Prince by Rachel Hauk.  I had an opportunity to request the second book in the series Once Upon A Princess for review, but I wanted to read the first one first so I bought it.  It is a fantastic Christian romance.  I am not finished yet, but so far I have loved this book!

I hope you had a great week in your homeschool!

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