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Friday, December 13, 2013

A Day in the Homeschool Life of My Preschooler

I have been working on this series to try and show you what a homeschool day actually looks like for each of the different grade levels of children in my homeschool.

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Today I am tackling my Pre-schooler, well actually Pre-schoolers since Emelia (2) does some of the activities that Lily (4) does as she is interested.

Pre-school and Kindergarten are VERY laid back and relaxed at my house.  Children soak up everything around them and learn so much by real life experiences, reading lots of great books, and watching and listening while I do school with the others.  But, if they are interested in having their own "school work" then they absolutely should.  Lily has wanted her own work since she was 3 (my boys at 3 and 4 couldn't have cared less!)

Here is what an average day looks like for Lily, with a little bit of Emmie added in.

Our school day starts at 9:30.  We start with Bible and all the children are using Bible Study Guide For All Ages.  Bible usually takes 15-20 minutes to complete our timeline memorization, scripture memorization, and worksheet.  Even Emmie participates in our Bible lesson and has memorized some of the timeline flash cards.

After Bible, Lily and Emmie have the option to be excused.  If they choose to stay in the room, they must play quietly, or color or draw.  If they cannot remember to play quietly and interrupt, then they have to sit quietly at my feet or leave the room.  They almost always stay while I read aloud from our chapter book and history lesson.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays we do science.  We are using Apologia Land Animals and the A Journey Through Learning Land Animals Lapbook.  Lily loves to help cut and glue the lapbook pieces and the hands on activities so she participates with our science lesson.  The lesson we are working on is on marsupials.  The children love kangaroos and even got to pet one when we went on a drive through safari last year!

Next is lunch and recess.  It was raining on this day so we could not go outside.  Instead they built a tent in the family room and watched a little TV.

Lily and Emmie play while I am working with the boys or watch TV for a little while.  We  have some worksheets that Lily can work on by herself if she wants to.  Her favorite worksheets are the letter pages from All About Learning Pre-1.  She loves these and often asks to do more than one a day!  I also try to keep plenty of craft supplies on hand so that she can create her own little crafts by herself while I am working with the boys.

When I get finished with the boys' schoolwork (between 1:30 and 2) it is time to work with the girls.  We are using Before Five In A Row.  The book we are working on is The Little Rabbit.  We read the book every day and then do some of the activities to go along with it.  I was able to find a lapbook for the book from Homeschool Share.  Lily loves lapbooks and often wants to do several activities.  We work for around 30 minutes on these.

We also use the iPad in our homeschool ( I forgot to get a photo of this.) Lily and Emmie (even though she is supposed to be too little for it) both do the Handwriting Without Tears Wet Dry Try app and then any app that they choose.  They complete 1-2 letters on the HWOT app and then their iPad free time is limited to 15 minutes per day.

Last year we had an opportunity to review Adventus which is a great interactive piano and music appreciation course for children.  We have NOT been consistent lately with this program but need to get back to it.  Lily really enjoys it.  I need to get her back working on it a few days a week.

That is a "Day in the Homeschool Life of My Preschooler."  Next week I will attempt to show you "A Day In the Homeschool Life of This Mama of Seven."

Happy Homeschooling!

*links to All About Learning and A Journey Through Learning are my affiliate links.  I only form affiliate relationships with companies whose products I actually use and can recommend!!

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