Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

December 4 H Cloverbud Meeting

Yesterday was our December 4 H Cloverbud meeting.  Usually our December meeting is a pizza party and this year the children voted for the same.  The club bought the pizza, our family brought the supplies for an edible craft and a craft to donate to the nursing home, and other families brought chips, dessert, plates, cups, and drinks.  We had 22 children including siblings.

It is hard to get a lot of good pictures while running around doing other things too, but I did get a few.

After pizza we did the edible craft.  We made Rice Krispy ornaments.  Chelsea made the balls before we left for the party so all the children had to do was decorate them.  They decorated with green frosting, M&M's, and sprinkles.  Then they got to eat them!

The next craft was to make pine cone bird feeders.  The children spread peanut butter over their pine cones and rolled them in bird seed.  We tied a string around them so they can be hung up.

Then we made ornaments for the nursing home.  I found a pack of foam Santas and Snowmen ornaments at Hobby Lobby last year after Christmas on clearance for .25.  So I picked them up and saved them for 4 H. I did not get any photos of the children making them as I was peeling off foam stickies, but here are a couple of them finished.  They turned out pretty cute!  They are going to a local nursing home where the uncle of some of our club members lives.

The children also brought in some canned foods to donate to the Bread of Life soup kitchen.  I was so thankful to have parents that were willing to bring items for the party, help with the crafts, and help clean up!  When you have a group of children this age, it makes a huge difference to have parent help!
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