Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Eastern Bluebirds and Bluebird Houses

For our December program at Grandview, we learned about bluebirds and had the opportunity to build bluebird houses.  We had 16 children attend the program.  First the children had an opportunity to hear many different facts about the eastern bluebird.  We talked about what they looked like, where they are found, different names that are used for them, what they eat, what kind of nests they build, their predators, where there houses should be built, how to monitor their nests, and why they have declined in population.

Then we got busy building bluebird houses!  The pieces were already cut out for us, we just needed to put them together.  We used drills and screws and hammer and nails for the front piece.

We finished two while we were there, and brought the other two home to finish up.
Emmie took her backpack with everything she needed!

We all got to take home the supplies to make a lapbook on Eastern Bluebirds.  Everything we needed to complete the lapbook was in a ziplock bag for each child including the folders, brads, an answer key and lapbook layout key (and Aneesah if you are reading this, thank you for those!! They were a huge help!)

Here is Lily's completed lapbook that we worked on yesterday afternoon.

Emmie wanted to work on one too.

It was a great program and we learned a lot about bluebirds!
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