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Our Family

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Winding Down the 2012/2013 School Year

I cannot believe that May is already here!  This year has flown by!  We only have 12 school days left in our regular school year.  We start in August and go to the end of May working 4 days per week.  I always think we will go through June, but we usually take a small vacation at the end of May and June is a very busy month with VBS and 4 H activities.  Plus, we are usually finishing things up at the end of May, so it just works out better for us to go August through May.

We actually finished Mystery of History Volume 2 a little over a month ago and have been working on a Great Empires Study from Home School In the Woods that we will finish on time.  We finished Apologia Swimming Creatures today.  Anthony is still working on his Earth lapbook from A Journey Through Learning, but he will be done with that next week.  We also completed both Old Testament One and New Testament one from Classical Academic Press finishing up NT 1 today.  The boys are all almost finished with their Math U See books, and will be finished by the end of the month.  Nick is racing through the last few lessons in

We started All About Spelling Level 3 just a few months ago, so we will not finish with it.  But it only took a little over one semester to finish Level 2, and we will do a quick review of what we have covered in Level 3 in August and then continue on.

Chelsea didn't start Algebra 2 until February so she is nowhere near finished.  She will be working on it through the summer.  She also will be working on Latin.  She will be finished with Chemistry, British Literature, and British History by the end of the month.

We will still be doing plenty of work this summer.  Reviews will be going on all summer.  In fact, we have a few new ones we just started, are waiting for a few more to arrive in the mail, and hoping to get several more.  There are a lot of great vendors coming up through the summer months, so we will be busy working on those.

Also, we will continue with reading all summer long.  My children love to read.  Alex has come so far in his reading ability and I don't want him to regress so he will be reading aloud to me in the summer.  Anthony has made it to Level 3 of the Reading Kingdom and I want him to get as far as he can before our subscription expires in June.  I want to spend some time using PAL with Christian, and Lily just started Level One of Scaredy Cat Reading so we will be continuing on with that.

Alex and Anthony will also be continuing to use Math Rider to get those Math Facts drilled into their heads! We will continue working on music with Adventus.  I also expect that they will be playing educational apps on the iPad everyday.  We will also have many fun educational activities gong on throughout the summer!

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