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Our Family

Monday, May 27, 2013

Homeschool Science Fair

Our homeschool group decided for the first time this year that we would have a Homeschool Science Fair.  We have never been to or participated in one before.  The boys LOVE science and science projects though, and they were really excited to be able to get a project especially for the science fair.  Christian wanted to do something with rocks, so he ordered a kit that you dig crystals out of a rock.  He had a lot of fun digging his crystals out and then got to put them in a little display box to take to the science fair.  Anthony painted his solar system kit to take.  Alex wanted to try to make something new, so he got a kit that teaches how to solder.  It came with a practice board, solder, and a soldering iron, plus a project that you make an alarm that makes noise and lights up.  His daddy taught him how to use the soldering iron and he was so excited when the alarm worked!  But, on our way out the door, he dropped it and broke one of the wires.  Daddy came to the rescue though and was able to fix it for him.  Alex couldn't fix it himself because we had dentist appointments right before the science fair and couldn't be late to those.  Nicholas wanted to make a robot and found a robot kit that works on both land and water to take to the science fair.

There were 5 other children who participated.  One child did made a solar oven out of a pizza box.  Another did a demonstration on the Statue of Liberty and why it turned green.  Other projects were on chickens, early inventions, and another was on different states of matter.

The children had a lot of fun and learned a lot!  I hope we do another science fair next year, and if we do, I am going to have my children make some backdrops for their projects.  Three of the children had really cool backdrops that added a lot to their projects.

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