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Our Family

Monday, January 28, 2013

Working On Our Nature Quilt

I mentioned last week that I had taken the children to two programs at a local state park.  One of those programs was a Nature Quilting program.  Once a month they choose a nature topic and do an educational presentation.  Then they give out a quilt square pattern to go along with the topic.  At the end of 12 months you have 12 squares that you sew together to make a Nature Quilt.  I thought it sounded like a great idea!  I figured it would be something that Chelsea (15) could do since she loves to sew.  I told the other children about it and Alex (9), Anthony (7), Christian (5) and Lillian (3) all wanted to make one too.  I thought we could figure out a way that they could make them on their own with a little help and guidance.  

The program we went to was on birds.  We were also given the previous months patterns for a frog, flower, arrow heads, and a map of the state park.  Two days later, while  we were in the "big city", we went to Walmart and picked up 1/2 yard of several different colored fabrics, some heat n bond, and some fabric markers.  That night the children wanted to get started.

For Alex and Anthony, I made a template for a 10 in square that they could trace and cut out.  They cut the paper patterns and traced and cut out the shapes on the different colored fabrics.  Then they cut those out and traced the shapes on the heat N bond.  After that I used the iron to place the shapes on the fabric where the boys wanted them.  The only thing I had to help them with was using the iron.

For Christian and Lily, I cut out a large shape on my Cricut in cardstock to use as a template, then traced it on their square.  They used fabric markers to decorate it how they wanted to.

Chelsea is still working on her first square so I do not have pictures of hers.  Christian and Anthony both have made 2 squares, Lily made one, and Alex has made 4.  The only one he didn't make was the map because I haven't decided how we are going to do that one yet.  The next program is on February 16th and we will find out then what our next square will be.
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