Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Our Snowman Craft

Lily and I have started reviewing a product called Flowering Baby (look for my competed review mid February.)  This week we have been working on Winter activities.  One of the fun activities listed was to build a snowman.  Even though we did get a few flurries today, we did not have anywhere near enough snow to go outside and build a snowman.  That was ok though, because they did have a list of suggested supplies for making a craft snowman instead.  Lily was quite excited to be making a craft, and when Christian and Anthony heard what we were doing, they wanted to make one too.  They wanted their snowmen to have snow to stand on, so we painted a piece of cardboard, glued them down, and added some cotton snow balls. I thought they turned out pretty cute.

Supplies we used:
Styrofoam balls in different sizes
Googly Eyes
Scrap of fabric for scarf
A piece of cardboard
White Paint
Cotton Balls

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