Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Back In the Swing of Things

Vacations and breaks are great, but there is something so nice about being back in the homeschool routine.  We took off school while Art was off of work, and I really enjoyed having those days to relax and enjoy the holidays and being together.  But, by the last day or so, with it being kind of cold and nasty outside, you could tell the children were starting to get bored.

We started back to school on the 2nd.  Since we only work 4 days a week, we did two days worth of History on Wednesday and two days worth of Science on Thursday so it would keep us on track for the next week.  The children eased right back into the school work with no problems and not even one complaint!  That itself was pretty amazing.  This week we are back to our regular schedule.

We did not have Art on Friday.  The public schools here had off the whole week and her other classes weren't starting up yet, so we won't go back until the 11th.  Instead, we took the day to visit with some homeschooling friends that were visiting from out of town.

Reviews are starting back up again!  It has been nice to have a little break, but I am VERY excited about getting back into the review routine and our first reviews of the New Year.  There are some amazing vendors on deck this year and I can't wait to see which products The Crew will be reviewing this year.

I signed Chelsea up to take the ACT in February.  She will be a senior next year and wanted to go ahead and take the test so she can see what it is like and still have time to take it again if she wants to raise her score.  I can't believe I have a child that will be graduating next year!

I hope you are all successfully getting back in the swing of things!
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