Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Birds, Quilt, and Snakes

Yesterday, one of our local state parks was having two programs we went to.  The first one was a program on Nature Quilting.  Every month they do a program on a nature topic that applies to this area in Arkansas. Then they give you a pattern for a quilt block to make for that topic.  At the end of 12 months you have a completed quilt.  Yesterday's topic was birds.  We heard a power point talk on Arkansas birds, bird watching, and bird feeding.  Then everyone got there own bird guide with photos and information on all of Arkansas birds.  Next she gave us the quilt block pattern.  Previous months topics included: flowers, frogs, arrow heads, and the state park in general.  She gave us the patterns from the previous months also. The quilt patterns are pretty complicated.  I think that Chelsea will be able to handle it though.  Some of the younger children were interested in making one also.  So, I have been thinking of ways that they will be able to do it.  I think that we will either get fabric crayons to color on the designs, or trace the pattern onto a piece of fabric and use Heat and Bond to adhere it to a quilt square.  If they turn out well, I will blog about it, if not, you will never hear about it again ; ).  Tomorrow we are heading to the "big city" and will have a chance to look for some material.  I am hoping we can pick up some inexpensively to get us started.

After a short break and a snack we brought from home, it was time for the snake program.  The children heard a talk on snakes and learned how to identify whether or not they were venomous.  They also got a snake guide book with pictures and information on all of the different kind of snakes in Arkansas.  Next she brought out 3 live snakes to show the children.  Two of them they were not aloud to touch only look at.  The third one, Slinky, they all got to hold (if they wanted to.)  Christian and Alex held the snake, and Emmie pet him.  Lily, Anthony, and Nick were just content to look at him.  Chelsea decided she was too old for the snake program and was busy reading one of her library books.  After the snakes were put away, we did a snake craft.  The children were given little wooden snakes that have segments and can slither back and forth, and some paint pens to decorate them.  They all had a great time!

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