Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Our Tadpole Changed Into A Frog!

To go along with our Apologia Swimming Creatures Science Curriculum, we decided to purchase a Grow A Frog Kit from Home Science Tools and watch a tadpole transform into a frog.  The kit contained a coupon to mail in to receive a free tadpole.  We sent the coupon in over the summer, but it was too hot for them to mail any tadpoles out.  We finally got ours on November 1st.

The tadpole began to grow it’s back legs within a week.  The rest of the transformation seemed to take forever!  When the front legs started to show, we decided to go ahead and order the bigger habitat which came with a froggy friend.  We got him  on December 8th.
Slowly the tadpoles tail started to disappear and his transformation was complete!  Yesterday we added him to the bigger habitat with his froggy friend.  After 2 months our tadpole made the complete transformation into a frog.


We have really enjoyed watching the tadpole transform and caring for it and the froggy friend!
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