Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Our Museum Adventure

I decided to do something somewhat spontaneous.  Since we are actually "ahead" of where I thought we would be in most of our school work, and since the children had been asking when we could go back to Mid America Science Museum (we bought family passes for the year), and since the weather was supposed to be very nice on Monday, I decided we would go to the museum.  We got up in the morning, did some house cleaning, and left for Hot Springs (little over an hour drive) right after lunch.  I hopped on the museum's website and checked their calendar to make sure nobody had scheduled a big field trip, and since they hadn't we figured a Monday afternoon was a great time to go.  Until we got there and discovered that they now are closed on Mondays in the fall and winter.  No mention of that in the event calendar but it was under hours of operation.  So now I have a van full of unhappy children!  We went to Chick-fil-A and got ice cream and played in the play place.  I told the children we would go back to the museum the next day.

This morning we left right after breakfast and chores to be there when they opened at 10.  Anthony (7) said, "Mom, this time can we go in the museum?"  Thanks buddy.  As if I didn't feel bad enough!  Anyway we got there and they were open!!  We were the only people there except for one other homeschool family.  I talked to the mom for a few minutes while all of the children were in the cave.  Her family was traveling through Arkansas (they were from Wisconsin) and were told by some friends that Mid America was a great place for them to go while in the Hot Springs area.  They went to the museum yesterday too not knowing it was closed on Mondays!!! That actually made me feel a little better.  They decided to stay a day in Hot Springs and spent the night at a hotel so they could go back today.

The children had a great time!  We stayed about 3 hours and by that point the baby was very tired (tired enough to throw a screaming fit in the gift shop.)  As usual their favorite parts of the museum were the cave, worm tunnel, dinosaur dig, and building with the Keva planks.  Alex's tower was taller than he was!! They also love feeding the fish in the pond outside.  We tried to eat our lunch at the picnic tables by the pond because it was such a beautiful day, but once the food came out lots and lots of bees came out too, so we had to head in to eat.   On our way home,  Christian asked if we could go back tomorrow.  Sorry buddy.  Two days in a row driving 2.5 hours, plus gas money twice, $20 at Chick-fil-A for ice cream, and $12 at Walgreens for drinks and snacks for the ride home way over ran my budget for going to the museum!  Good thing we didn't have to pay to get in.  I did tell them we will try and go again next month, but not on a Monday!!
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