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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tos Review: GoTrybe


Do you every worry about your children not getting enough exercise? Or maybe you are trying to find some fun exercise they can do indoors when the weather outside is miserable. You might be interested in GoTrybe.

What is GoTrybe? It is an online interactive community that is dedicated to the health and wellness of our youth. Their mission is to change sedentary screen time into activity and health education and to get young people active while combating childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes. Trybers can interact with fitness, nutrition, motivation, and wellness content to help support their journey towards healthy living. There are 3 tribes for children:

ZooDoos-up to 5th grade
Trybe 180 6th-9th grade
Nextrybe 10-12th

You get to create your own avatar and customize your page. Children also get to choose and customize and save their own workouts, including a warm-up that were developed by Olympic trainers. As you hover your mouse over the video choices, you can read a description, length of video, intensity, and whether any equipment is needed. Workout videos are led by exercise professional. Nutrition and wellness information is taught using videos and quizzes. GoTrybe has a reward system that awards points for completing exercise workouts and answering quiz questions. Points can then be spent on Avatar upgrades. It also offers socialization with friends through the Shout Out messaging and forum features.

You can try GoTrybe free for a day by clicking here. After the free trial, the cost of continuing using GoTrybe is $19.95 for a one year membership.

I never used to worry about my children getting enough exercise. We spend lots of time outside and have bikes, scooters, roller blades, every kind of ball imaginable, plus play equipment. As my oldest has turned into a teen ager and she does not spend as much time playing outside, we have to be more deliberate about finding exercise opportunities for her. She really has enjoyed using GoTrybe. I did not even have to remind her she very willingly did her workout everyday. The ability to customize the workout to something she enjoys doing was a huge plus for her. Also, she could take the laptop to her bedroom and do the exercise videos without any of her brothers watching her. She liked watching the nutrition videos and answering the quiz questions. She thought it was fun to earn points and buy different things for her avatar. She did not "friend" anyone or give shout outs. I don't think it is necessary and actually could prove to be more of a distraction then an encouragement. I personally was quite pleases at the clothing the workout instructors were wearing in the workout videos, but during the nutrition and wellness videos several of the female instructors had very skimpy tanktops on with their cleavage showing. You don't choose which nutritional/wellness videos to view so you have no control over whether or not your child will be exposed to this.

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I received a complimentary trial for the purpose of writing a fair and honest review. I received no other compensation.
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