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Our Family

Friday, May 13, 2011

My New Nook!

I was going to post this yesterday, but www.blogger.com has been down. Sorry to my facebook friends who have heard it already, but I got a Nook for Mother's Day! When they first came out, I wasn't even really sure I wanted one. My mom has one and she really likes hers. I LOVE to read, but I like to have the actual product in my hand. Plus, I didn't think I would have the money to put books on it for myself because most of my book money gets spent on the kids. When the TOS Crew found out that www.yesterdaysclassics was on the review list (I did not get on this review but you can read other crew members reviews on the crew blog) there was a lot of "talk" about the different kind of e-readers and what you can use them for. I thought, wow! I want one of those! So, I added it to my ever growing mental list of things I would like to have for home/school. I never even told my husband, and he got me one for Mother's Day! I LOVE it!

What I didn't realize before, is how many places you can find and download e-books for free. Barnes and Noble has some available on their website to download to your Nook (look at these with caution as some of the titles are not family friendly if you know what I mean.) Many libraries now have e-books available to borrow, and their are numerous places on the web where you can download e-books for free. Also, some of the companies I review for are offering an e-book download instead of waiting for a physical product to come in the mail. The Nook also has lending capabilities where you can lend a book to a friend who also has a Nook for up to 14 days. I can read for a long time and not have to spend any money (unless I want to.) I also can download books for the kids to use in their schoolwork (if I decide to share!)

One of the things that I have discovered is that it is easier to rock/nurse a baby and read a Nook than have to hold a book open. I can just set it in the couch/bed beside me and read away! I love that you have the book available as soon as you download it and don't have to wait for something in the mail. The Nook is very easy to use and keep your books organized. It is not hard on your eyes at all it is just like reading text in a book. It has a large memory capacity (about 1500 books) that you can increase by storing on a SD card. Although my nearest Barnes and Noble is 2 1/2 hours away, there are a lot of perks you have access to in their store. It has Wifi and web browsing capabilities and a built in dictionary. The Nook can also play audio books and mp3's. I never knew it could do any of that!

There is one thing that I wish was different. It does not have a backlight which would come in handy when reading in a room with a sleeping baby (or husband.) You can buy a light to attach to it, but it would be easier if it was built in. I LOVE my Nook and maybe someday will have to buy one for the kids too! (or maybe a Nook Color)
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