Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Next Year's High School Curriculum

Chelsea has almost finished 9th grade. She still has some Math and Spanish she needs to finish up before she is completely done. For 9th grade she earned credits in the following courses:

English Literature 1
Spanish 1 (she finishes today) 1
Algebra 1 (she finishes next week) 1
Physical Science 1
Bible 1/2
World Geography 1
Home Ec 1/2
Phys Ed 1/2

We used Abeka for everything but Math, PE, and Home Ec. She also started working towards an Art credit and a Latin credit with review items we got ;ater in the year that she will continue next year.

For 10th grade we will no longer be using Abeka, but instead be using a variety of curriculum.

Latin 1- Classical Academic Press (continuation from last year)

Art-Artistic Pursuits (continuation from last year)

History- MOH volume 1- using along with the boys with Chelsea doing all of the older activities and literature selections to make it enough for High School

Bible-readings from the Old Testament to go along with MOH

Science- Apologia Biology

American Literature- Excellence in Literature

Health and Nutrition-Growing Healthy Homes

Algebra 2-Abeka

PE-aerobics, yoga, bicycling,

Whatever else happens to come our way in the form of review items.
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