Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Week 38 Pregnancy Update

Well really I am 37 weeks 6 days but that's close enough to 38 weeks. I laugh when people tell me I don't look big enough to be due in two weeks because I feel enormous! I had a good visit to the doctor today (by myself no less) even though I had a bit of a long wait. I gained 3 pounds in 3 weeks, blood pressure and baby's heart beat were perfect. I measured for 38 weeks and am dilated the same as last time. My Group B Strep came back negative (hooray!) We get to go back next week for another check-up.

Since I was alone I decided I was going to do a little shopping. Unfortunately, we had some pretty bad thunderstorms while I was at the mall. I ended up having to stay there a bit longer than I had planned waiting for the worst of the storms to subside. I also ended up not being able to go anywhere else because by the time the rain let up I was just too tired and still had a very long drive ahead of me.

Am I ready to have the baby? The answer is yes and no. I almost have all of her stuff ready and plan on finishing all of that up this week-end and packing my bag. I am ready to be able to meet and hold this sweet little baby that's for sure. But, I confess that I always miss being pregnant. I will miss wrapping my hands around my belly and falling asleep at night to little baby kicks or hiccoughs. I wish you could bottle up that feeling and keep it with you forever. No matter how many times I have been pregnant, it is special every time and every time I miss it. So I will enjoy the next couple of weeks until this little girl decides she is ready to be born.
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