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Friday, February 18, 2011

TOS Review Kid Scoop Reluctant Reader Solution

Do you have a struggling reader or a child who simply does not want to read? Kid Scoop has developed a product called the Reluctant Reader Solution that might be for you. Finding resources that are both fun and educational can be a bit of a challenge. Also, shifting your child from the computer games they want to play to the printed page that they should be reading can at times be next to impossible. So how do you get a child who doesn't want to read to start reading? By engaging your child's natural interest in learning and making their "work" seem more like fun.

"The Reluctant Reader Solution is designed to expand your child's horizons, jump-start their curiosity about topics they didn't even know they were interested in, and exercise different areas of their brain through age-appropriate puzzles, games, stories, and much more."

The Reluctant Reader Solution comes in two parts:

12 full color issues of Kid Scoop News Online- Each issue has content inspired by the time of the year and is full of games, puzzles, experiments, profiles of kids in the news and more. It also links to other online sources so your child can continue to explore their topics of interest. It is very easy to navigate and you can turn pages with a click of the mouse. There are also audio files for every page so if your child learns better by hearing they can listen and then do the written part later on. Pages are able to be saved to your computer and you can choose which pages you would like to print.

365 Kid Scoop Worksheets- Filled with "pencil grabbing activities" they come in sets of 5,6,or 7 pages. They are delivered instantly to your computer so you can print them out as you would like to. Some of the topics included are: baseball, hockey, otters, gorillas, tadpoles, bubble gum, Columbus Day, Louisa May Alcott, Mother's Day, S'mores and many ,many more. Each set of worksheets contain many different activities for your child to do such as; word scrambles, word searches, fun writing exercises, newspaper activities, and more.

The cost of The Reluctant Reader Solution is $97 and includes both parts (12 online newspapers and 365 Kid Scoop Worksheets.) They also offer a 365 day unconditional money back guarantee. If you do not get measurable results they will refund your money with no questions asked. For ordering information click here.

Nicholas (9) was my Reluctant Reader Solution product tester. Included with the fun sheets is instructions on how to use the Reluctant Reader Solution and a schedule for using them chronologically or by theme. I decided to go with the Chronological Chart and the first topic was Hockey. Nick loves sports so he was very eager to jump in and get started on the worksheets. His favorite was the word search. I printed out, stapled, and gave him the stack of worksheets and asked him to finish them by the end of the week. They were all completed the next day. I was very happy to see that the documents were in black and white to look like a real newspaper and save some money on printing costs. The topics of the worksheets are subjects that children will be interested in learning more about. Nick was not thrilled about the writing assignment (he does not like to write) but he did complete it without excessive grumbling. If/when you complete all of the worksheets, there are not any more available to purchase.

The online newspaper is very colorful and packed full of lots of interesting information, games, crafts, and puzzles. Navigating, turning pages, and reading it online are all very easy to do. One drawback is that because it is so colorful, the cost of printing out the pages with the puzzles and fun activities is expensive and that cost will really add up printing it out every month. I really prefer reading print magazines rather than online so you can take them places with you. Although the idea of having an audio be able to read the magazine to you sounds like an added benfit, the "voice" doing the reading had a harsh robotic sound and was very hard to listen to.

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I received a complimentary subscription to The Reluctant Reader Solution in exchange for a fair and honest review. I received no other compensation.

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