Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Teething Torture

Christian is cutting 4 molars all at the same time, so the baby who has not been bothered by any of his other teeth has been miserable the last couple of days. Here is how we cope with teething troubles.

Popsicles- At 15 months old Christian is able to eat Popsicles (with help of course) so we have been snacking on Popsicles the last couple of days.

Distraction-When you have a cranky teething baby, do what makes them happy. Splashing in the tub, going for a walk in the stroller, swinging in the swing,rocking, reading, blowing bubbles (which is what we are doing as I write this) are all good ways to distract a cranky baby.

Tylenol-I do give Tylenol at night for teething pain. Check with your doctor for dosing information.

My favorite teething "toy"- Take a washcloth and wet half of it. Stick it in the freezer until stiff and frozen. The dry part becomes the handle and the child can suck or bite on the cold part. All of my children have loved this better then frozen teething rings and you don't have to worry about them biting a hole through it.

I do not use Biter Biscuits for teething. I have in the past and discovered that they are very messy and also can break off in big chunks so they are a choking hazard. I also do not use numbing ointments because they don't taste good and work for only a few seconds because the baby's saliva washes the ointment away very quickly.
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