Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Overcoming His Fear

Nicholas has a very cautious personality. He doesn't particularly like to try new things (he usually makes Alex do everything first.) He has been afraid of the water for a long time. I have written before about his experience at a hotel pool, slipping off of the stairs, panicking, and being unable to get his head above water. Ever since then he has hated getting water in his face, would only get in and out of the water to cool off, and would not even try to swim with Art or I helping him. A couple of weeks ago, some friends came over to swim and they brought a pair of goggles that covered your eyes and nose. They were doing all kinds of swimming under the water and Nick asked to borrow the goggles for a minute. He put them on, held his breath, and put his face in the water. I couldn't believe it! The next time we went to Dollar General, they had two masks ($2.50) left. So I bought the two masks one for Nick and one for Alex and two pairs of goggles for Chelsea and Anthony. Nick started wearing the goggles whenever he went swimming and little by little would hold his breath for longer periods of time. Then, he began swimming under the water across the pool. Now he is like a little fish! He loves going swimming,water in his face does not bother him anymore, and sometimes he even goes under without the mask. All it took for him to overcome his fear was a little courage, and a $2.50 mask. My children never cease to amaze me!

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Amy said...

Hello! I found your blog on the Mom Blogs. I too am a homeschool mom and enjoy meeting others alike. Just stopping in to introduce myself.

Cute blog! :o}