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Our Family

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Our Week in Review (July 24-30)

So here we are at the end of July.  Public schools around here start back in two weeks!  I do not even have all of my curriculum decided.  I guess I am going to have to figure out the last few things this week and get them ordered.

We had a busy week this week!

An art teacher in town has been offering painting classes once a week for children with a different subject being painted each week.  The cost was $20 per child.  I knew Lily and Emmie would love to go and we called a friend to see if they would like to go as well.  I would only be able to send them one time.  So Monday morning we loaded up and headed to the painting class.  The subject was a butterfly.  The background on the canvases were painted already and the butterfly was drawn, so all they had to do was paint the butterfly.  They had a great time and did a wonderful job on their paintings!

Tuesday Anthony had a birthday!

Wednesday our goats had to have some DNA pulled and tags put on their ears for identification for the state fair. 

Then we had to run to town so Nick could have a physical.

Thursday we had our 4 H meeting.

When we got home this sweet face was at the house ( and his mama of course!)

Friday morning I took Nick to take his permit test.  I ran into some snags when the police department told me they can no longer accept my homeschool form.  It is a really long story, but I had the correct form according to what is written in our homeschool law, but they wouldn't take it.  So I had to leave run to the 4 H office, borrow their computer, file my homeschool paperwork again online, print out that form, have that form notarized, and go back.  They did accept that form (even though that form is no longer the legal form we file and now I have registered twice!) and allowed him to take his test.  He passed.  I can't believe he is old enough to start driving!

Saturday Alex and Lily made some homemade ice cream for our indoor church picnic on Sunday.  Lily won the Golden Scoop award!  She was very excited.

For the school side of our week, we finished In the Reign of Terror from Heirloom Audio (upcoming review), did a little bit of math (not as much as I wanted to), did some work in English on a Roll (upcoming review), and reviewed the letters and words we have learned in Greek (upcoming review.)  Emmie has worked on Phonics Museum everyday (upcoming review.)  We finished The Golden Lamps Book 6 of The Terrestria Chronicles.  Oh and coding.  I do NOT like coding.  AT ALL.  It is very tedious work.  But Christian and Anthony enjoy it so I purchased CodaKid Minecraft Mods.  They can work on it mostly themselves, but when they encounter an error, I have to find it and fix it.  If I can't I contact Tech support and ask for help (they are great at offering help.)  They did 2 lessons this week and have been very happy at the things they have made in Minecraft.

The girls have been working very hard this week on their Little Red Riding Hood Doll sets.  They are almost done with them.

Lily also made a blanket for Liam.  Her sewing skills will surpass mine very soon.

Anthony got a drone for his birthday.  He has spent a lot of time flying it.  He got it stuck in a tree the first day he had it, but Nick had great aim with a soccer ball and knocked it out of the tree for him.

We medicated the coughing goats again.  I really wish they would stop coughing!  And have been exercising them everyday to build muscle and hopefully get them used to walking in the show ring.

Nick's rabbit that escaped when we were on vacation finally got caught last night!  It only took us a week to outsmart that rabbit and get her in the cage.  I hope she doesn't figure out how to get out again!

I hope you had a great week!

Happy Homeschooling!
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