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Our Family

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Our Week in Review (July 17-23rd)

It was HOT in Arkansas this week!  We had a few days in a row hovering around 110 with the heat index, and do you know where we were? Camping.  We had had to postpone a camping trip twice in the last couple of months.  Once because there was just too much to do around the house and the other time was when Chelsea had the baby.  This time we were going!  With chickens and rabbits we could leave enough food and water to last a few days and be fine. Of course now we have goats too  and they have to be fed twice a day. Chelsea agreed to come over once a day to take care of them and Art and Alex were going to come home and feed them once a day.  We are minus one rabbit and have no idea how she got out.  The cage was closed and no holes dug around it.  The other rabbit in the cage is still there.

Earlier in the week we did not have too much going on.  Lots of swimming for the children and they did do a little bit of school work, mostly math.  We also spent a lot of time preparing for our camping trip.

 The camper needed a bath inside and out.

The goats need to be exercised every day.  We are trying to exercise them separately so they will get used to be apart and not be overly stressed when it gets to be fair time.  Oh my!  They cry and cry when they are apart.

I ran Chelsea to the doctor for her follow up appointment.  She is doing well.  The baby also had is appointment this week.  He is now 10 lbs 14 oz and is doing great!

After we got back from the doctor on Wednesday it was time to go.  We arrived at the lake around 5:00.  As soon as we backed the camper into the site, a tire on the camper blew.  The spare was the wrong size.  When Art and Alex fed goats on Saturday they had to go to three different places to find tires to put on the camper.  Also when I was turning off the shower Friday night, the cold knob broke.  We had to turn off the water and Art had to buy some caps on Saturday to plug the water to the shower so we could turn the water back on.  Never a dull moment!

We fished, swam, went on the boat, played lots of cards, and drank lots of water!  We watched a movie in the camper every day during the hottest part of the day. 

One of my favorite things about this lake is that even though there is a swimming area (and its a nice one with picnic tables, a little bit of a beach and a water slide), you don't have to go to the swimming area to swim.  The water is shallow enough that we can walk out of the camper and swim right outside the back door.  We also like it because every time we go we catch fish.  Even if they are just little fish.

Lily found some tadpoles that were in different stages of development.
Emmie decided she was going to make a leaf collection.  Then she also started collecting some different rocks she found.
Christian found a big toad.

Emmie caught that bass all by herself while on the boat.  It was 16 1/2 inches long.  Nick had caught a bass that was 13 1/4 but had to be thrown back because it was not legal to keep.  Christian caught a good size bass that was legal to keep so that fish and Emmie's fish are now in the freezer.

We are out of food so I have to go brave Walmart even though I'd rather just climb into bed! 

I hope you had a great week!

Happy Homeschooling!

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