Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Our Week in Review (July 2nd-9th)

Where did the week go?  I think maybe with the 4th being on Tuesday it made the week feel much shorter then usual.  We did not have anything too exciting happening at our house this week.

Monday was out 4th because Art had to go back to work Wednesday morning and did not want to stay up late on Tuesday night.  Lily, Christian, Emmie, and I made a flag cake for dessert.  We also set off fireworks at out house.  The children really enjoyed it, the dog not so much.

They also made a hay feeder for the goats.

It amazes me that Anthony will go out and pet the goats.  Ever since he had an allergic reaction to rabbits he has been afraid to touch new animals.

Tuesday we roasted Smores.  We did not stay out very long though, the mosquitoes have been horrible, especially at night!

Thursday we went and picked up Chelsea and the baby and brought them to the house for the day.

Liam looks like a toy when Alex holds him

Then we all went grocery shopping. 

Friday we had to take a goat to the vet.  One of our goats has been coughing since we got her.  She is eating and drinking and not acting sick, but she coughs like crazy!  I was told to give her a few days to see if it may be some kind of allergy from the move (but really she coughed in the van on the way home.)  Friday it had been almost a week since we brought them home, so I made her an appointment.  It was the first time we had taken a farm animal to the vet.  Her temperature was normal and they said her lungs sounded good, but they gave her a shot of antibiotics to help clear up the cough.  We were told if it didn't get better to bring her back this week.  We have seen no improvement in the cough.

Christian and I made some Strawberry Freezer Jam.

Saturday we started working on a new chicken pen.  Our old pen is starting to fall apart.  I can't remember how long ago we built it ( I should look it up on this blog!) but it needs to come down.  All of the rain we have been having lately has not helped.  One day last week we had to dig a hole under the pen because it was flooded and there were several inches of water in the bottom of it.  I will be glad when we can move the birds to their new home this week.  The chicken pen will be beside the goat pen.  The goats were very curious about what we were doing.

We found horn worms in the tomatoes!  I hate those things!  The boys killed them for me and I sprayed.  I hope we got rid of them.

I meant to have the children do some math this week but we did not get to it.  We are working on learning the Greek alphabet.  Anthony and Christian did some work on their Minecraft Coding from Codakid.  The girls did an art project, making butterflies using rigid wrap.  We also watched a DVD about caring for and showing goats.  After watching the whole thing I thought, "What have I gotten myself into?" but the children have really enjoyed the goats so far.  They are very sweet.  Hopefully we can get the one well, and the boys know that they are responsible for all of the care of the goats and so far they have done a great job.

I hope you had a great week!

Happy Homeschooling!

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