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Our Family

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Our Week in Review (June 5-11)

This week was Vacation Bible School at our church.  Our theme was Hero Central, Discover Your Strength in God. Each day the children learned that God's Heroes have Heart, Courage, Wisdom, Hope, and Power and their verse was Do Good, Seek Peace, and Go After It!  Each day the children had music in the opening and closing, heard a Bible story, made a snack, played games, made crafts, and had a science lesson all revolving around the theme of the day.

Nicholas was the recreation leader this year.  Alex was the story leader.  Chelsea and I did the science station.  This was a change for me. I usually am the adult volunteer that leads the preschoolers to all of the stations.  But when our committee was choosing our Bible School curriculum last February and there was a Science Station leader guide, it was something I really wanted to do ( I love science!)and the others all thought it would be a great addition to our Bible School.

Each day had 2 experiments listed.  There were two days that I was afraid the activities we had would not last long enough and I brought two extra experiments.  Each of the science lessons were based on the Bible story from that day.  All of the children seemed really excited about the science lessons and wanted to participate in everything I did. I even had youth that came over each day to see what we were doing.  I am glad they had fun with the science and hope that they made the connection to the Bible lessons!  We had 5 groups of children from Pre-k-5th grade.

Day 1 we did a sinking and floating experiment and we did different mixtures of baking soda, soap, and vinegar.

Day 2 we did an experiment with magnets and pushed straws through potatoes.

Day 3 we made pillars of strength and did an optical illusion.  Those we short so I also did color changing milk.

Day 4 we blew sock bubbles (this is really cool but make sure they don't breath the soap in!!) using water bottles with the bottom cut off, a sock over top, and dipping in a mixture of Dawn dish soap and water.  We also did the leak proof bag.  I had a child ask me if a could make a cloud, so I did a cloud in a jar.

Day 5 we did an experiment with a ping pong ball, paper towel tube and hair dryer, and made rainbows that melted ice using rock salt colored with food coloring.

Bible School lasts from 9-12, so I had to get up by 6:30 every morning and head out of the house by 8:15.  We got back home around 12:30 each day.  Monday and Thursday I had to take Chelsea up to the doctor after Bible school.  Wednesday I had a horrific headache all day so I crashed on the couch after VBS was over.  Tuesday we did do a little bit of school work.  The younger children did k5, Alex did a few lessons of UnLock Math, and we watched a lesson of Doctor Aviation.  Friday we took down decorations at church and went grocery shopping. Saturday I was very glad to have a day to stay home!  We did a lot of inside and outside work.

VBS is exhausting for the kids too!  This was Emmie at 4:30 on Wednesday.

I hope you had a great week!
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