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Friday, June 23, 2017

Homeschool Crew Review: Homeschool Planet

Homeschool Buyers Co-op

Are you familiar with Homeschool Buyer's Co-op? Homeschool Buyer's Co-op is the largest buyer's club for homeschooling families. They give homeschoolers great deals on great products by purchasing them as group buys. They also offer a variety of free and useful resources. Joining the co-op is free. Recently we were offered an opportunity to review their home/homeschool planner Homeschool Planet.
Homechool Planet

Homeschool Planet is on online planner for your home and school.  You do not need to download anything on your computer to use Homeschool Planet, it works online through an internet connection.  With Homeschool Planet you can customize your planner to make it work for you.  You can add and schedule classes and assignments, count your school days, track your grades, log your hours, and create a transcript. You can add in all your outside activities and when each one takes place.  You can also add in chores, create and send shopping lists, meal plan, schedule appointments, and so much more.  Anything you need to plan or schedule can be done with Homeschool Planet.

Each member of the family can have their own separate log in and will be able to log in and check off their completed tasks. Digest emails can be sent daily or weekly o each log in  to let you know what is on your schedule.  If there are times that you would rather have a printed copy of your schedule in front of you, you are able to print it out in black and white.

Homeschool Planet has a calendar view that allows you to see everyone's schedule at once, or a planner view that shows a list of what you need to do.  It also has a resource view that shows all the books, DVDs, and other resources that you are using for your lessons.

Homeschool Planet offers a 30 day free trial.  At the end of the free trial it costs $65 a year or $6.95 a month.  For the month of June when you sign up for a free trial, you will get a lesson plan of your choice for free!  There are many plans to choose from and all of the lessons get put into Homeschool Planet for you!

I reviewed Homeschool Planet a few years ago.  I loved how easy it was to use and how many capabilities it has!  When I set up my account for this review, all of my information was saved.  That was awesome!  I did not have to add the children or classes and activities again. 

My favorite features of Homeschool Planet is the ability to customize your schedule however you need to.  You can color code your activities and classes so you can easily see which is which.  You can set up your weekly schedule.  I use a 4 day schedule rather then a 5 day and that was so easy to do.  You can block out your vacation days or days off.  The biggest plus is that if you don't get to an assignment or you have a sick child and take a day off you can easily move your lessons forward!  You cannot do that with a paper planner.

The new lessons plans are amazing!  I received a free lesson plan for The Mystery of History Vol 1.  It was so easy to set it up.  I could choose what days each week I wanted to use it and it put all of the assignments in for me.  I did not have to type anything in! But you can edit the lessons if you need to, to add in extra resources or take away items you are not going to complete.  I was very impressed with the selection of lesson plans to choose from and they are planning on adding more.

If you are looking for a planner for your home and school I suggest you check out the free trial of Homeschool Planet!

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