Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Our Week in Review (June 18th-25th)

What a week!

Last Sunday, June 18th was Father's Day.  My mom and dad were flying in from Florida to spend the week.  We were still waiting on the appearance of Baby Liam, and if he didn't arrive by Monday night, they were going to start an induction because he was overdue.  After church we had lunch and I started cleaning up when my phone rang.  It was Chelsea who thought her water had broken.  Off to the hospital Art and I went leaving Nick to babysit until my mom and dad could get there.

I am not going to give all the details, because it would be long and complicated and it's really not my story, it's Chelsea's.  But, labor was not progressing very quickly and the baby's heart rate was not staying stable.  It dropped every time she had a contraction for quite awhile.  We got passed that issue but when she started pushing it shot up very high.  She reached the 24 hour point from her water breaking and doctor's decided for the safety of baby and mama, a C-section was the best option.  After the C-section Liam (8 lbs 5 oz 21 inches) was running a fever of 101.7 and was having breathing issues.  Chelsea also ran fever.  That evening, Liam's fever and breathing regulated and she was able to hold and try to feed him. Early the next morning though, his breathing was very rapid and his temperature got very low.  He ended up having to stay in the care center in the nursery on IV fluids and antibiotics.  She could go in and hold him for a few minutes every few hours, but could not feed him.  Wednesday he was doing much better and could come to the room to be held and fed and Thursday they were able to take his IV's out.  Friday he was discharged!!  I spent almost the entire week at the hospital ( I did come home and sleep on Monday night and Thursday night and came home for a few hours Wednesday afternoon.)  Chelsea and Liam are staying with us for a few days until she heals well enough to tackle the large staircase leading up to her apartment.

My mom and dad took great care of the rest of my children and ran them where they needed to go.  I was supposed to be at the 4 H District Competition on Tuesday, but could not go.  Alex and Christian went and competed.  It was Christian's first time competing and he got a participation ribbon in Bait Casting.  Alex won 2nd place in Sports Fishing.

Wednesday Alex headed for 4 H camp.  When he came home on Friday, we headed to town for a tour of Husqvarna.  They were having an Open House and the children really wanted to see where their daddy worked.  They also had food, balloons, snow cones, and a police dog demonstration. I didn't take many photos, just of the children in their daddy's office.  They really enjoyed it.  We also grabbed some groceries and when we got home, Chelsea and the baby were there.  We had promised the children we could go see a movie with nana and papa while they were here, so Saturday we went and saw Cars 3.  We loved it!

I hope you had a great week!

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