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Our Family

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 14

Week 14 in our Homeschool

P.E.: We did 4 days of Family Time Fitness.

Lily and Christian were having a challenge to see who could hold a plank the longest.  The boys underestimate Lily's arm strength.  She won by a lot!

Bible: Our memory verse this week is Matthew 9:37b-38.  We read Matthew 9:18-10:20.  We also read about Menno Simons in Hero Tales.

Read Aloud: Two days this week we read stories out of Kingdom Tales.  The scheduled read aloud for the next several weeks was George Mueller, but we read that last year.  So instead we are reading William Booth: Soup, Soap, and Salvation.  We finished 3 chapters this week. We finished our book club book, Mice of the Herring Bone.  We also read 8 chapters (they are short) in Snow Treasure.  For our evening read aloud, we finished The Best Christmas Pageant Ever by Barbara Robinson.  If you have never read it, you should.  It is a wonderful, funny story but also has a great message.  This is the third time we have read it and I cry every time!

Poetry: We started memorizing the poem Persevere (author unknown.)

E.C.C:  This week we started learning about France.  We read some pages about France in Children's Atlas of God's World and some facts about France in Another Trip Around the World.  We colored the Jon 3:16 page and a flag page and wrote some facts about the French flag.  I read Madeline's Christmas to the girls. For the science portion we read about animal defenses, adaptation, and caves.  We also did a worksheet on animal adaptation.  I had several moments this week where I considered not continuing with this curriculum.  We are going to finish up France next week and I will think it over during Christmas break.

Art: Art this week was on Impressionism.  I dug out some art books and looked at some examples of Impressionist paintings and then the children did their own painting.  The other art activity was making homemade soap.  We skipped that one.

Apologia Science: We finished the chapter on Space Rocks.

Language Arts:  Lily's lesson was on alphabetizing and using a dictionary.  In Fix It! Level 2 we finished lesson 10.  In Language Lessons for Today we did an oral composition on spiders and insects, a picture study on a painting by Vincent van Gogh, and a lesson on synonyms.  I asked the children if they knew what a synonym was and one of them replies, "Something you put on toast."  Nick is working on diagramming sentences with predicate adjectives.  Alex has not done much grammar since he started learning German using Middlebury Interactive Languages.

Spelling/Reading: In AAS Level 3 the boys finished step 15.  In AAR Level 4 they finished lesson 37.  In AAR Level 3 Lily finished lesson 5.

Math:  Nick completed lesson 13 in MUS Geometry.  Alex completed 4 lessons in Teaching Textbooks and Lily, Christian, and Anthony completed 4 lessons in Math Lessons for a Living Education. 

MFW Creation from A to Z:  Emmie started the unit on "I" for insect.  She completed her picture card page, sound identification page, and math page.  The cut and paste page she completed but instead of cutting and pasting the words, she is writing the word on the line.  I had a DVD called The Fascinating World of Insects from Brain Food Learning. that all of the children decided to watch with her.  I decided not to do an ant farm (suggested activity.)  We have had an ant farm three times already.  Last time we had one it got knocked over and I had to quickly vacuum them all up! 

All American History and God's Design in Nature: AAH is on hold until after the holidays when Nick will begin Vol II.  In God's Design in Nature he has completed through day 67.

Other Activities this Week:

Tuesday the girls had gymnastics.

After they were finished we headed down to Main Street to watch the annual Christmas Parade.

Wednesday and Thursday the girls helped me make some candy and some sugar cookies.

Friday was our monthly Book Club meeting.  We also decided to do some other activities and have a finger food potluck for Christmas.  We made Christmas cards and decorated sugar and gingerbread cookies.

After that we headed home for a few hours.

Then headed back out for our December Nature Seekers 4 H meeting.  We made 3 crafts and had a cookout.

 I hope you had a great week!

Happy Homeschooling!
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