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Our Family

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 13

After a week off last week for Thanksgiving it was hard to get back into a routine this week.  We dove back in though and got quite a bit accomplished.  I have been asked what my typical day is like and I will be trying to get a post up about that this week.

Week 13 in our Homeschool

P.E.: We did 3 days of Family Time Fitness and one day of yoga.
Anna joined us for yoga

Bible: We read about Bulgaria in Windows on the World and read Matthew 8:28-9:17.  Our memory verse was Matthew 5:44-45.

Read Aloud: For our morning read aloud we read 5 stories out of Kingdom Tales.  We have been reading two books in the afternoon this week: Mice of the Herring Bone by Tim Davis (our book club book), and Snow Treasure by Marie McSwigen.  Snow Treasure takes place in Norway (the country we have been studying) and is based on a true story that took place during WWII.  It has been a great read aloud so far!  For our evening read aloud we finished up The Borrowers Afield.  There are 2 more books in this series but I do not have these and will have to check the library.  We started reading The Best Christmas Pageant Ever by Barbara Robinson (one of our favorite Christmas stories.)
Sally comes to story every night.

Poetry: We continued working on memorizing The Swing by Robert Louis Stevenson.  Reciting the poems every day has been the 4 youngest children's favorite part of the school day.

E.C.C: This week we continued to learn about Norway.  I found a book at the library about Europe and read this to the children.  It is a newer reference book and I noticed that when talking about time it does not use B.C. and A.D., but instead BCE and CE.  We read some facts about Norway and completed the flag worksheet.  I also added some pages from Notebookpages.com on money and famous people from Norway.  We have been working on identifying all of the countries in Europe.  It was raining one day this week so we watched Frozen during lunch and recess.  I counted that as school :)

For the science portion we read about seasonal changes and seasonal behaviors.  One of the things they discussed was migration so we watched a Magic School Bus episode on salmon migration.

Art: The art project this week was to make Lapland Felt Squares.

Science: In Apologia Astronomy we started reading the chapter on Space Rocks.

Language Arts: Lily's lesson was on initial consonant blends.  Anthony and Christian completed 3 lessons in Language lessons for today on an oral composition about directions, dictation on paragraphs about insects, and The Fox and the Grapes.  In Fix it! Level 2 we completed lesson 9.

Spelling/Reading: In AAS Level 3 the boys completed step 14.  IN AAR Level 4 they completed lesson 35.  Lily completed lesson 3 in AAS Level 3.

Math: Nick completed lesson 12 in MUS Geometry.  Alex completed 4 lessons in Teaching Textbooks 7 and Lily, Christian, and Anthony finished 4 lessons in Math Lessons for a Living Education.

MFW Creation from A to Z: Emmie's MFW lesson was on "w" for water.  She completed her drawing page, cut and paste page, blend ladder page, math page, sound discrimination page and made her water badge.  We did a hands on activity turning a liquid to a solid, back to a liquid, and then to a gas.  There was a Magic School Bus episode on the water cycle that we watched.  Emmie has also been doing some coloring pages during our morning school work on colors.

All American History and God's Design in Nature: Nick finished one of his books and is still working on the biography of George Washington.  In science he completed lessons 49-52.

Other Activities this Week:

It was a pleasantly boring week as far as outside activities!

Lily made a pinecone bird feeder one day.

Tuesday the girls had gymnastics.  We had to run a couple of quick errands while we were in town.  When we got a little over halfway there I noticed the van was not driving right.  I texted Art and told him what was going on but that I thought I was fine to drive it home.  He checked it out when he got home and one of the front shocks had almost fallen off (or something like that.)  That left me not able to go anywhere until the parts came in and he could fix it Thursday night.

Lily is learning how to do a back flip with no hands

Friday we did our usual grocery shopping and had pizza and a movie.  I attempted to make some Grinch popcorn from a recipe that I found on Pinterest.  It did NOT turn out the way it was supposed to but it tasted good.

Saturday Lily wanted to make a stuffed bunny so I worked on that with her.  She did a great job!

We also made our yearly gingerbread house.

I hope you had a great week!

Happy Homeschooling!
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