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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Schoolhouse Crew Review: Enlivenze LLC

FlipStir Puzzles Reviews
Enlivenze LLC creates products to engage our minds and challenge our brains.  We have been having loads of fun with our latest product for review, the Solar System FlipStir Puzzle. 
FlipStir Puzzles Reviews
FlipStir Puzzles are not your typical puzzle.  The puzzle is in a container and you have to use gravity, the wand inside, and your brain to figure out how to manipulate the pieces and solve the puzzle. These puzzles are for ages 7 and up. There are two different levels, Level One and Level Two.  Each puzzle has 10 pieces but the Level One pieces have flat edges while the Level Two pieces have wavy edges.  FlipStir puzzles can be purchased for $24.95 and are made in the USA.

I saw these puzzles on our upcoming vendor list and I knew my children would be excited to have an opportunity to review them.  We have just started studying astronomy so the Solar System FlipStir puzzle has been a perfect complement.  It is a Level Two puzzle. 

When I first took the puzzle out of the box the children said it would be impossible to be able to get the puzzle together.  How can you do a puzzle when you can't move the pieces with your hands?  But when I gave it to my 10 year old, he disappeared with it and less then 15 minutes later had solved the puzzle.
Next my 9 year old had to try.  He too solved it in around 15 minutes.  Not bad for a first try!

I of course had to try it out too.  It took me much longer then it took them.  But, I got it!  I had started trying to put the first piece at the bottom but it wasn't going in the way I wanted it to.  Starting with the top made it easier for me to fit the pieces together. My boys told me they were proud of me, and they knew I could do it.  Funny boys!

My 7 year old was unable to solve the puzzle.  She gets easily frustrated and when she could not complete it as easily as her brothers, she gave up.  I think as she gets a little older she will be willing to try again.

The biggest benefit of these puzzles is that they are so portable.  You can take them in the car, in a doctor's office, or any place your child may need to sit and wait patiently.  The pieces won't ever get lost. You can complete the puzzle over and over again. It does take a little while to figure out how to manipulate the pieces effectively but once you do they all fall into place.  

There are two different Level One puzzles to choose from: Rainbow and Tyrannosaurus Rex.  There are three different Level Two puzzles: Solar System, Statue of Liberty, and the Periodic Table of Elements.  Members of the Crew reviewed all of the different choices, to see what my Crew Mates had to say stop by the Crew Blog!
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