Our Family

Our Family

Monday, August 8, 2016

Our Week in Review (August 1st-August 7th)

I cannot believe it is August already!  The summer is flying by and though I do not want to rush it, I am looking forward to fall and cooler temperatures.

We had no extra activities this week.  In fact besides our normal grocery/errand day on Friday and church on Sunday, I did not leave the house the whole rest of the week.

We did get a bit of schoolwork done this week.

In VeritasBible.com Judges to Kings, we started learning about Samuel, the last judge of Israel.  I can't tell you how often I hear the memory song for this curriculum playing in my head!

In Foreign Language for Kids by Kids we started Level 2, The Little Magic House Part 1.

In WAY Comes Home, we started the 3rd module.  The children enjoyed listening to their hearts and measuring their pulse rates.

Lily finished lesson 2 of Jolly Grammar.  Emmie did 3 lessons in Jolly Phonics.  We also played some word games with our Can Do Cubes.

Emmie also started the M for Moon unit from My Father's World Creation from A to Z.  She did the picture card page cut and paste [age, and sound discrimination page. We also read the book Moonfinder by Jay Ryan.

In Exploring Creation with Astronomy, we finished up the notebooking pages from lesson one and started lesson 2 on the sun.  Our activity was to melt butter using the sun and a magnifying glass.

The girls wanted Pinky and Snowy to have sleeping bags, so we made some on Friday using some leftover fabric we had..  They turned out cute!

Emmie helped me weed the garden one day this week (in the blazing heat!) and the girls helped me make biscuits for supper one night.

I hope you had a great week!

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