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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Schoolhouse Crew Review: ARTistic Pursuits Sculpture Technique Construct

ARTistic Pursuits Inc. Review
We have had an opportunity to review and purchase several books from ARTistic Pursuits Inc.  They have a variety of books from Pre-k all the way through high school. Our latest review is for one of their newest products, Sculpture Technique Construct.
ARTistic Pursuits Inc. Review
Sculpture Technique Construct is for upper elementary to high school students.  The book is 83 pages long and spiral bound.  It can be used with multiple students. Through the projects in the book students will learn the processes of working with specific materials to make three dimensional projects.  Students will construct unique sculptures on subjects that they find interesting.

The books had 4 units:

Unit 1: Creating Form in Papermaking

Unit 2: Creating Planes in Cardboard

Unit 3: Creating Motion with Papier-mache

Unit 4: Creating Volume with Wire

Each unit has 2-4 projects to complete.  You do not have to start with unit one.  You can choose to start with any of the units but within each unit you should start with the first project because the projects build on each other.  A list of supplies is included in the front of the book broken down by unit.  There is also a list of additional supplies needed for the book that are general things like pencils, rulers, etc..that you should have access to at home.  You can purchase supplies from ARTistic Pursuits, the companies they recommend, or any other store that carries what you need. 

The units all begin with information on the elements of sculpture.  Then there is a page on the properties of the material you will be using, introduction to tools and equipment, safe handling instructions, and basic instructions.  Color examples are included, some professional and others are examples of other students work.  Each project has step by step instructions to follow.  At the end of every unit is an evaluation.

We started with Unit 2: Creating Planes in Cardboard.  For this unit we only needed color corrugated cardboard, plus a ruler, pencil, scissors, and glue.  Templates for making the cube and pyramid shapes are included in the book with permission to photocopy. 

The first project had us exploring the relationship of planes and creating a 2 D arrangement.

The second project taught taking planes and creating 3 D forms.This project was a little more difficult.  We printed off the templates and traced them into the paper.  We had to very carefully mark the fold lines.  The glue took a little while to dry but the cubes held up well once they had dried.

In the third project we took the planes and forms we learned to create and made an architectural model.  I found it interesting that the boys planned to do a farm model before they even saw the one that was in the book.

One of the things I love about ARTistic Pursuits is that the instructions are easy to follow and show you step by step what to do.  These books are set up so that parents who are not artistic at all (like me) can still do art at home with their children.  Older students can guide themselves through all of the lessons.  I like the way students individuality can come through on the projects that they make and I loved the photos of models and finished projects that were included.

The Sculpture Technique books are set up a little differently then the other books we have used from ARTistic Pursuits.  These two books focus on making three dimensional art.  The assignments focus on the processes and concepts of working with specific materials and introducing the elements of sculpture while allowing the students to get started right away on projects related to what they have learned.  The other books have more of a variety of different types of art projects, artist works, and art appreciation questions.  The Sculpture Technique books are unique.  I have never seen anything else like them. 

We did not enjoy the projects we made in this book as much as we did in the Sculpture Technique Model book.  The children enjoyed working with clay much more then they did with paper.  We did learn new things about 2 D and 3 D projects and creating architectural projects.  

The Crew reviewed a variety of books from ARTistic Pursuits. To see what my crew mates had to say, stop by the Crew Blog!

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