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Our Family

Monday, May 16, 2016

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 33

I usually try to get this post up by Sunday night, but this week it just didn't happen.  Two unexpected appointments this week, plus a couple of more days for me being under the weather has this week a little bit off.  We are still plugging along though and planning on finishing up with all of our "regular" curriculum in the next two weeks.  We will continue with reading and math over the summer and we have several products we will be reviewing.

In case you were wondering about my The Mystery of History Vol IV giveaway, Debra Brinkman was the lucky winner.  I am thankful to Bright Ideas Press for allowing me to host that giveaway and hope that Debra enjoys her prize!

Week 33 in our Homeschool

P.E.: We did one day of yoga.  I am grounded from exercising for a little while.

Bible: We read 3 chapters in our study about King David.

Read Aloud: We read two chapters in The Minstrel in the Tower and completed our Progeny Press study guide.

Science: We finished The Geology Book.  Anthony is still working through Book of Astronomy.  He will not finish this school year because we just started on it a few weeks ago.  Lillian finished week 3 of Introductory Science and started week 4.  She will not finish this school year either but we have a one year subscription for the videos if we want to continue next school year.

My Father's World Adventures: We learned about Montana, Washington, Idaho, and Wyoming in our state study.  We read about Robert Fulton's Diving Machine, a machine for cutting grain, the sewing machine, and how the telephone was invented in Exploring American History.  We learned about sound and air in the First Encyclopedia of Science.

Music: We read chapters 2 and 3 of Joseph Haydn and listened to the CD selections.

Math: Nick finished lesson 31 of Algebra.  Alex finished lesson 30 which was the end of his book.  Lily , Christian, and Anthony are working on lesson 28 of their books.

Writing/Literature/Poetry: Alex completed 3 lessons of Writers in Residence.  We did not do any PAL writing this week.  We have memorized 7 poems from IEW Poetry.

Reading/Spelling: We did not get to spelling this week.  In AAR Level Two Lily finished lesson 22.  In AAR Level 3 the boys finished lessons 44,45, and 46 .

Other Activities this Week:

Tuesday we had to take Christian to the dentist.  He had started complaining on Sunday that he had a tooth that was bothering him.  I looked in his mouth and could see the cavity.  First thing Tuesday we drove down for him to get it fixed.  I was going to take the children to the movies after but we had had a really bad storm Monday night and half the city of Texarkana was still without power.  The movie theater was in the half with no power.  I bough the children some ice cream and drove them home.

Wednesday our new baby chicks arrived!  Aren't they cute??

Thursday I spent the day at Urgent Care.  Long story short I had been having pain under my ribs and around my back since Monday and felt awful. When I didn't feel better by Wednesday I tried to schedule a doctor appointment but they had no openings til Monday so Thursday I ended up at Urgent Care. They ran some tests and told me to follow up with my regular doctor.  So I got to spend Friday and Saturday on the couch and am still supposed to be taking it easy, no lifting, stretching, or straining and I may have to have more tests ( I hope not!) They also found another issue that I have to have monitored.  It was not a fabulous day but I am thankful it wasn't anything terribly serious.

Sunday was our anniversary.  After church we took the children to the movies.  They had power this time!
It was warm enough to swim this week but they said the water was freezing!

I hope you had a great week in your homeschool!

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