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Our Family

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 34

We only had two days of school this week.  We had company from out of town the other two days.  Art's dad and his wife came down for a visit so Art took a couple of vacation days and we took 2 days off of school.  Next week will be the last week in our regular school year.  We will still have plenty of reviews to keep us busy during the summer and will continue with some reading and math.

Week 34 in our Homeschool

P.E.: No P.E. this week.

Bible: We finished up our study of King David and started working on an online study from VeritasBible.com.  We had our choice of 3 different studies and decided to begin with Judges to Kings.  So far the children really like it.

Read Aloud: We finished The Minstrel in the Tower.

My Father's World Adventures: We learned about Utah and Oklahoma in our state study.  We also read about the Downey Woodpecker.  In Exploring American History we read about Edison.

Music: We finished reading the biography on Joseph Haydn.

Math: Nick finished lesson 32 of Algebra.  Lily, Christian, and Anthony finished lesson 29 of their books.

Reading/Spelling:  Lily finished lesson 22 in AAR Level 2.  Christian and Anthony finished lesson 46 in AAR Level 3. IN AAS Level two they completed steps 18 and 19.

Writing/Literature/Poetry: Alex finished 2 lessons in Writer's In Residence.  We started working n the 8th poem in IEW Poetry.

Other Activities this Week:

Tuesday was the 4 H BDay competition.  The "B" stands for bicycles, BB shooting, and bait casting.  The bicycle portion is a course they have to ride.  For bait casting there is a fish ID and fish anatomy test and then they have to cast into a circle.  The BB shooting has a gun safety test and then they shoot at a target standing, sitting, and laying down.  The children can choose to participate in any or all of the activities Emmie won 1st place in cloverbud bait casting and 3rd place in cloverbud bicycle.  Lily won 2nd in cloverbud bicycle.  Christian won 1st place in junior bicycle, 3rd place in junior bait casting, and participation in junior BB shooting.  Anthony got a participation ribbon for junior bicycle.  Alex won 2nd place in junior bicycle and participation in bait casting and BB shooting.  Nick won 2nd place in senior BB shooting.

Wednesday our chicks were one week old.

Thursday we took our company to Hot Springs to Mid America Science Museum.  They have some new things set up for the dinosaur exhibit that is coming this summer.  When we got there there was 5 buses in the parking lot!  Thankfully 3 groups were heading out the door and the other 2 left shortly after we got there.

Friday we had an end of the year homeschool potluck lunch.

I hope you had a great week in your homeschool!

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