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Our Family

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 31

I struggled with motivation this week.  It was really hard to get going in the mornings and as much as I try to always start school at the same time every day, that did not happen this week.  In fact we started a little later each day but we still were able to get several things accomplished.

Week 31 in our Homeschool

P.E.: 2 days Family Time Fitness and one day of yoga.

Bible: Since we finished our Grapevine Studies last week and just needed a fill in Bible study for a couple of weeks, I decided to read Get to Know King David by Nancy I Sanders as our Bible study. This actually worked out really well because even though I did not know it, the book I am reading aloud to the younger children for MFW has been talking about King David and it has fit together nicely.

Read Aloud: We finished YWAM Heroes of History Thomas Edison.

History: We finished The Mystery of History Vol IV last week.  Be sure to enter my giveaway for a copy of it!

Science: The older boys and I are reading The Geology Book from Master Books.  I confess I am not finding this at all interesting.  Anthony is learning constellations using Memoria Press's The Book of Astronomy.  Lily finished Week 2 of Introductory Science from Science Shepherd,

My Father's World Adventures: Our read aloud is Mountain Born by Elizabeth Yates.  In American Pioneers and Patriots we read about the Greatest Pioneer of them All and building the railroad.  In Exploring American History we read about after the Civil War.  In our state study we completed Nevada and Nebraska,  The science activities have been more experimenting with the Magnet Kit. We are on week 30 and have four more weeks to go, but I may try and get it done in 3.

Music: We finished the Handel lapbook.  Next week we will begin reading about Haydn.

Math: Nick and Alex completed lesson 29 in their books.  Lily did some extra worksheets on lesson 27.  Anthony and Christian finished lesson 26.

Grammar/Writing/Literature/Poetry: We finished Fix It! Grammar!!! Anthony and Christian loved The Nose Tree and will move on to Robin Hood next year.  I think Alex will go back through Robin Hood with us.  I am not sure whether or not I will have Nick continue on with it or not.  Does he still need to do grammar?  I'm not sure.  We have memorized 5 poems from IEW Poetry.  Alex completed 4 lessons in Writers in Residence.  Nick will be finishing Treasure Island soon. We did not do any PAL writing assignments this week.

Reading/Spelling: Somehow we did not do any AAR Level 3 lessons this week.  They did complete step 17 AAS Level 2.  Lily completed lesson 17 in AAR Level 2.  Alex completed lesson 25 in The Phonetic Zoo.

Other Activities This Week:

Monday the soccer tournaments started.  Alex's team lost so his season ended.  Christian's team won.
Nick helping the team warm up before the game

Miss Emmie playing at soccer

Alex being goalie in the shootout

Tuesday was the first meeting of a new STEM 4 H club for kids ages 9 and up.  This club will start out meeting once a quarter.  My boys will be participating in this club along with the Nature Seekers Club.  This month's topic was aerodynamics and they made and flew paper airplanes.

After the meeting the children had time to play on the playground for a little while.  Then Christian had his soccer game.  They lost and their season ended.

Wednesday was our last day of Kid's Club.

Watching Nick playing frisbee with Emmie made me smile :)

I hope you had a great week in your homeschool!

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