Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Homeschooling on a Budget

Every year I set aside some money in order to buy my curriculum. The amount varies depending on what I need. In addition to that I have in my monthly budget $25 for Homeschooling needs. I use this money for different things; books, field trips, art supplies, science experiments, whatever we need for the month. Also, any money I make selling on ebay, half.com, or amazon.com I spend on buying books (usually on ebay, half.com, or amazon.) Any money I make selling Usborne Books I use my discount to buy more Usborne Books. As you can see most of the money I use to buy books. This month our Art supplies were very depleted so we decided to spend our $25 at Walmart on Art supplies. I thought it would be a good budgeting exercise to have Nick and Chelsea help me make a list of what we needed and what they thought it cost. Here is our list:

$25 Budget
List of what we need and their guesses. Actual Price is in parentheses

Paint $5 ($5.26 )
gluesticks $4 (3 packs .97 each $2.91)
felt $4 ($3.44)
Pipe Cleaners $2 ($1.97)
crayons $2 (4 boxes on clearence for .50 each $2)
Markers $3 ($3.22)
Construction Paper $3 ($2.14 )

Their guesses were pretty close and our total including tax was $23.09!
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