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Our Family

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Our Week in Review (June 18th-24th)

Last week I wrote our week in review post right after I had gone to pick up our brand new goats that we decided to get at the last minute.  They are pretty little, around 3 months old , and the boys named them Caramel and Vanilla.  Our two other goats are significantly larger then these two babies and one of our bigger goats was not being very nice to the babies so Art quickly set up something in the pen to temporarily separate the two sets of goats until we can get the supplies to build permanent stalls.  Well, I went out Monday morning early to check on everything and all was well.  A little while later we went to feed and water animals and the big goats had knocked down the temporary pen.  So Alex and Christian and I hurried to get animals fed and watered and a wall put back up.  We had to leave for a 4 H meeting so we were in a hurry.  We got it put back up and was only a few minutes later then I was supposed to be.  I hate to be late, but it turned out that no one else made it to the meeting.  We had set up the day and time a month before to meet at the park and play frisbee golf (none of us had ever played before.)  My 5 children went ahead and played (Nick was working) 6 holes in an hour and 15 minutes.  By then we were really hot and hungry so we headed out.

Later that afternoon when checking the goats again, I found that the big goats had gotten the door open to the small pen and they were in the small side and the babies were in the big side.  All the stories you have heard about goats really are true.....

Tuesday was 4 H District competition.  We had to leave bright and early.  Nick and Christian were competing in Gun Safety (Nick as a senior and Christian as a junior) which required them to take a test and shoot BBs at a target.  Alex did Sports Fishing which required him to tie knots and take a test.  Anthony did not compete and the girls were not old enough.  We went in and watched Christian and Nick compete.  Nick was very confident he did well but it was stiff competition and he did not place.  He was pretty disappointed. It was the first time he has competed at district.  Christian thought he did terrible but he ended up placing 5th out of around 20 juniors.  Alex placed 4th so he can compete at state.  Nick will also be going to state but not competing in Gun Safety.  Nick, Alex, Anthony, and Christian all received trophies for their record books.  On the way home we stopped for ice cream.  It was a long day and we did not get back until after 5.

Lily read her new Susan K. Marlow book during the hour and half we were in the competition.

Tuesday was also Liam's first birthday.

And we had another rabbit die.  This one appeared to be natural causes.

About a month ago, I received an invitation from the Rotary Club to bring 4 of my 4H club members to come and speak at their monthly meeting which was this Wednesday.  I confess that I do not like getting up in front of people and speaking.  I have no problem with groups of children, I just don't like speaking in front of adults.  But, I encourage my children to do it and if I am going to ask them to I have to be willing as well.  I thought it would be a good opportunity for the children and to show what we have been doing in 4h.  I made a slide show showing some of our meetings , community service projects, and county activities.  I asked Alex and Christian to speak along with two other club members.  We got to eat lunch first.  I only had to speak for a minute or two and then turned it over to the children.  I thought they did an outstanding job and it was a good experience for all of us (though I was glad when it was over!)  When we came out of the restaurant it was raining.  It was so nice to see the rain!

Lily also had piano on Wednesday.

Thursday and Friday Lily participated in 4 H Cooking School.  The workshop was 6 hours both days.  They made several recipes including french toast, fiesta taco salad, chicken pot pie, fruit parfaits, peanut butter fruit dip, muffins, lasagna, salad, peach cobbler, and salad dressing.  They also got an apron, cookbook, and a bag full of cooking goodies.  She really enjoyed it.

Liam's party was on Saturday.  He is getting to be such a big boy!  He really liked the Little Tykes Dinosaur Car we got him.  He enjoyed his other gifts and his cupcakes as well, although he was not too sure of the candle on his cupcake!

We did a little bit of school work this week.  Emmie was so excited to get her new math book that she had to do three lessons as soon as I took it out of the box.  We also did some grammar (upcoming review), Bible (upcoming review), and Art Appreciation (upcoming review.)

I hope you had a great week!

Happy Homeschooling!

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