Our Family

Our Family

Monday, June 18, 2018

Our Week in Review (June 11th-17th)

Monday morning Nick and Alex had to be up by 4:15 am to leave by 4:45 to drive to a church in town get on a bus and take a trip to Dallas Texas to go to 6 Flags with a local youth group.  I set an alarm so I could make sure they were up on time but they were up before I was (proving when its some place they want to go they have no trouble waking up early :)  It was not horribly hot that day thankfully and cloudy.  They had a good time and did not get home til around midnight that night.  The rest of us stayed home on Monday which was also very nice after all the running around we have been doing the lately.

Tuesday afternoon I sat outside for about an hour to watch the girls swim.  After coming in we were all downstairs doing various things.  I went to the kitchen two hours later and Nick went out to take the trash and found one of his rabbits, his beautiful mini rex Snowball  had been drug out of its cage and killed, most likely by a dog.  Sigh... we have had rabbits die before but not like that...

Wednesday Chelsea and Liam came over to visit.  We put him in his little pool I got for him and he loved it!  He has one at home too.

Thursday was a VERY busy day.  In the morning we had a goat and sheep workshop that lasted from 8:30-11:30.  Then we had to run by the school and choose Nick's classes (one for each semester) for next year so he can play soccer.  Next up was the library, the co-op, and Walmart.  I made it home with just enough time to unload groceries and run Lily to piano.  After piano we loaded the camper and fed all of the animals so we could go camping.

It was a good camping trip.  We went to one of our favorite places, Jefferson Ridge.  I like it there because even though they have a swim beach you can also swim easily right outside the water front camp sites.  The children can swim most of the day.  We do all go in to the camper for a few hours each afternoon for a "rest time" during the hottest part of the day.  They can watch a movie or play games quietly. 

They thought this alligator gar skull they found was really cool

Emmie was proud of her big fish

She cleaned off the scales then after daddy had cleaned it, cooked it over the fire and ate it

Chelsea and the baby came to visit us on Saturday for a few hours.

We came home Sunday.  Nick and Alex had driven back Saturday to feed and water animals.  We had to feed and water again Sunday morning and then after lunch Alex, Christian, Emmie, and I drove about an hour to pick up our new goats.  It was a very last minute decision (like Thursday morning during the workshop.)  We cannot show our last year's goats as market goats and they cannot be taken to the state fair.  We can show them at county as commercial doe but that's all.  One of the people teaching the workshop breeds sheep and goat and had some goats left (its kind of late to be looking for show goats), so we decided to go ahead and buy two more females.  The idea is that we will hopefully breed last year's goats this fall and then will have babies to show next year or sell.  We will see how it goes with this goats we just bought and will decide to either try to breed them next year or sell them.  This whole animal thing is getting a  little crazy!

We did a little bit of school this week.  The girls did an art project from ARTistic Pursuits on Monday.  We did our Bible lesson from Bible Study Guide for All Ages every day and Lily did grammar out of Hake Grammar every day.  The boys did some math.  Emmie also read to me.  The girls were excited that their favorite author, Susan K Marlow's, two newest books released early and I bought them as a surprise.  Lily spent most of the afternoon yesterday reading.

Next week is a very busy week as well with several 4 H activities going on.

I hope you had a great week!

Happy Homeschooling!

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