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Our Family

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 21

Nicholas did not get better, from his illness he had last week, actually he got worse.  He went to the doctor on Tuesday and got some antibiotics for an ear infection.  Wednesday he was doing much better, thankfully.  Weeks ago I had signed him up for the ACT on Saturday.  Being sick for two weeks he did not have an opportunity to prepare at all, but I told him we would consider it a practice test and just to do his best. He made it through and we get the results in a few weeks.

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 21

Bible: We continued in our study of Know Who You Are, Live Like it Matters.

Poetry:Continued working on First Snow by Marie Louise Allen.

Read Aloud: We read 4 chapters of Off the Edge of the Map on Merriwether Lewis.

Geography: Our geography lesson this week was on Ghana.

History: We watched episode 1 of Drive Thru History Ancient History and read chapter 23 of America's Story on the Trail of Tears and Slavery.

Science: We read an Usborne book on bats and wrote a paragraph on bats.  Our 4 H meeting also counts as science.

Art:  We did not do an art project this week, but I am on a review for Super Beads from Zirrly.  Lily, Emmie, and Christian spent several hours Saturday afternoon making creations from the beads.

Math: 4 lessons completed in MLFLE and Christian completed several pages in Math Mammoth.

Language Arts: Lily finished the capitalization section in her daily grammar.  Christian and Anthony finished the section on Charlotte's Web in Readers in Residence.

Spelling/Reading:  Christian and Anthony finished Step 3 in AAS Level 5.  Lily completed lesson 20 and 21 in AAR Level 4 and Emmie completed lesson 35 in AAR Level 1.

Other Activities this Week

Monday We had a 4 H meeting with a Winter STEM theme.

Tuesday Lily had gymnastics.  Emmie is going to try and do some things at gymnastics next week.

Wednesday We had Kid's Club.

Thursday Lily had piano and both girls had ballet.

I hope you had a great week!

Happy Homeschooling!

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