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Our Family

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 19

A storm, shoes, and another fever.

Arkansas has some crazy weather.  Last week we had a little bit of snow and some very cold temperatures.  Sunday it was really nice outside but we had a chance of storms and severe weather.  A chance that turned into a tornado warning at 10:30 that night.  Ironically my phone did not alert and neither did Art's or Alex's, but Nick's did.  I was awake and watching the weather outside and did not feel like I needed to wake the children.  We did not have any storm damage except for a piece of siding that blew off the house, and one of the rabbits were almost impaled.  A tree branch blew down in such a way that it stuck into the hutch.  The bunny was not hurt and Nick was able to patch the roof of the hutch.

Monday it was still really windy, which made for a great day for kite flying.

Emmie with her broken toe had no shoes that would fit on her feet.  I may have mentioned that she had to wear slippers to church on Sunday.  We went to Walmart looking for something that she could wear and they did not have anything at all.  She was fine wearing slippers in the house, but when we had to go out of the house, she had to be carried and I really, really wanted to find her some shoes.  We went to the shoe store in town in Tuesday and I explained the situation to the lady and she said that her sandals had just started coming in.  She did not have a huge selection, but we were able to find some that could strap on to her feet and by buying a size bigger could accommodate for the swelling.  We were so happy and thankful to find some shoes she could wear!  As the week went on and the swelling went down more, her mobility started to get much better.

Tuesday Lily had gymnastics and Emmie sat and watched Finding Dory on my phone.

Wednesday we had Kid's Club.  We made sock owls in craft because the lesson theme was God Gives Us Wisdom, which interestingly went along with our nature study at home.

Wednesday night, Lily had fever and sore throat.  The fever broke the next morning, but she still had stuffy nose and sore throat.  I did not let her go to piano Thursday (that makes two weeks in a row that we have missed.)  That left me with an hour and a half completely alone in town Thursday afternoon.  It was very strange to be all by myself.  It was a beautiful day so I went to the park and walked a few miles.

Lily was a little bored and excited to get these to review in the mail!

Week 19 in our Homeschool

Bible: We read 5 lessons in Know Who You Are, Live Like it Matters

Read Aloud: We read three chapters of YWAM Publishings Meriwether Lewis Off the Edge of the Map.

Geography: This week in Let's Go Geography we learned about Libya.

History: In America's Story we read about the war of 1812.  We also watched an episode of Drive Thru History American History.

Nature Study: We started the topic of owls last week but didn't get to finish it when we lost a school day.  So this week we continued.  I read a book about owls.  I'd love to tell you the title but one of the children has walked off with it.  It is an Usborne book.  I had a coloring sheet for the girls to color while I read.  After I finished reading they worked on a notebooking page writing a paragraph about owls.

Art: We were going to do The Owl from Bali art project from ArtAchieve, but did not make time for it.  I will count the Sahara Desert Scene we did to go along with our geography as our art project for this week.

Lily and Emmie did quite a few projects from one of my art books Monday afternoon.

Math: Christian is working through his Math Mammoth book on multiplication.  The others did 4 lessons in MLFLE.

Language Arts: Lily completed 3 daily grammar lessons and the boys did 4 lessons in Readers in Residence.  It feels like we have been on Charlotte's Web forever!

Spelling/Reading: The boys completed step 26 of AAS Level 4 and Step 1 of AAS Level 5.  Lily completed lesson 18 of AAR Level 4.  I did not have her do the next lesson because she would have needed to read the story aloud and had a sore throat.  Emmie did several lessons in Reading Eggs.

Liam is now crawling and pulling himself up and letting go.  He is only 7 months.  He also got his first tooth.  We did not get to see him last week because of weather and he had a double ear infection. When I saw him on Monday for a little while he was very happy to see me!

And of course when he is here he is surrounded by the children all the time!

Anthony made a robot with his newest Tinker Crate kit on Saturday.

I have no idea why Christian was dressed as Spider Man Saturday night, but he was!

I hope you had a great week!

Happy Homeschooling!


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