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Our Family

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 17

I'd love to write a post saying that we had a wonderful first week of the new semester, but it wasn't.  Honestly, we had a great first day back.  With our new schedule we have to finish all of our work by 12, and I wasn't quite sure how that would all work out.  But Monday morning everyone was up and our school day went great.  It was wonderful.  The rest of the week was not like that.  Tuesday and Wednesday were rough days all around, but Thursday was better.  Some days (weeks) are like that, even in Australia.  Anyway....some great things happened this week, and I like to focus on the positive.

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 17

P.E.: We did two days of yoga and one day of Family Time Fitness.

Poetry: We started working on the poem Shoes by Louis Untermeyer.

Read Aloud: We started and finished The Matchlock Gun by Walter Edmunds.

Bible: We started going through a devotional by Tim Tebow called Know Who You, Live Like it Matters.  It is set up to read a lesson a week, but we are doing a lesson a day.  I think this will be good especially for my older two. 

Geography: This week in Let's Go Geography we learned about Hungary.  The craft for the lesson was to use water color paints to paint Hungarian Folk Art cards.  The girls really enjoyed this craft and did several of these this week.

History: In America's Story we read through chapter 18 Looking West.

Science: In Science in the Age of Reason we did lesson 16 on Pieter van Musschenbroek.

Art: As part of my goal to do at least one themed hands on activity with Emmie, we picked up some picture books from the library on winter. We read the book Snow by Uri Shulevitz and then for an art project drew and colored a winter scene using chalk pastels.

Math: Christian did one lesson in MLFLE and then his Math Mammoth book on multiplication arrived and he worked through several pages of it the rest of the week.  The others did 4 lessons in their books.

Language Arts: Lily started the daily grammar lessons and did 3 lessons this week on capitalization of nouns. Christian and Anthony jumped right back into Readers in Residence reading through and answering questions on Charlotte's Web.

Spelling/Reading: Emmie finished Map 5 of Reading Eggs.  She completed lessons 30 and 31 in AAR Level 1.  Lily completed lessons 14 and 15 in AAR Level 4.  The boys completed Step 26 of AAS Level 4.

Nick has to take one class in public school to be eligible to play soccer.  He was signed up for track which he wasn't very excited about, but choices are limited for 4th block classes.  He went to track the first day and texted me 30 minutes in to ask if there was a way we could change him to something else.  He did not want to spend 1.5 hours running in track and then 2 hours running after school when soccer starts.  So we got him switched and he is taking psychology for 9 weeks and sociology for 9 weeks.  I'm not overly excited about these classes but we will see how it goes.

Tuesday the girls had gymnastics and Nick had youth.

Wednesday we had Kid's Club.

Thursday Lily had piano.

Friday Nick had a birthday!

Saturday we went to Texarkana for bowling and laser tag to celebrate Nick's birthday.

This handsome guy was hanging out with his Uncle Alex while we were checking out at Walmart Friday.  He is now crawling.

 I used my Instant Pot for the first time to make French Dip sandwiches.  It was easier then I thought it would be and they turned out so good! 

Walmart had some fabric on sale last week so we have a whole bolt of flamingo fleece.  The girls are making fleece tie blankets.

I hope you had a great week!

Happy Homeschooling!

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