Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Our Week in Review (December 18th-25th)

We were off school this week because my mom and dad came from Florida to spend the week with us.

Monday morning Nick had to go to his last day of his Robotics class. I must admit that I won't miss having to get everyone up to drive him!  I left them all home with mom and dad on Monday and ran some errands while he was in school.  We picked up Liam and Chelsea so they could come spend the afternoon with us.

As the day went on I realized I was coming down with the cold that a few of the children had and by Tuesday morning felt awful. Christian wasn't feeling well either. Chelsea and the baby came back to visit but I pretty much hung out in the recliner all day and didn't pick up the baby or rock him to sleep like I usually do.  I was hoping he would not catch the cold but he did end up coming down with a runny nose and slight cough.  The girls had gymnastics that night and Nick had youth.  Mom and dad took them for me.

Wednesday we were feeling better and no one had a run a fever at all so we went to see Star Wars.  Kids loved it.  I didn't think it was as good as some of the others. 

The rest of the week and week-end was spent baking and making other Christmas treats.  I have no idea how many hours I spent in the kitchen cooking, baking, and washing dishes!!!

Lily teaching Nana how to make apple pie

We went to church Sunday morning and Sunday evening. Sunday morning we did the advent reading.  Sunday night was Christmas Eve and the candlelight service is always my favorite service of the year.

After the evening service it was snack and bed.  Our read aloud right now is The Green Ember.  I read it a year ago but they asked me to read it again because they want to read the next book.  We wrapped gifts after I was sure they were all asleep and made it to bed by midnight.

Chelsea and Cody and Liam got to the house by 7 Monday morning.  I am not going to upload all the pictures from Christmas morning (most are on my Facebook page.) But they had a great Christmas morning and were excited about their gifts. 
 Liam's present from us.

All 12 of us fit around the table, but barely.  As the family continues to grow we will have to figure out where to put everyone!
I thought I still had a high chair in the attic but I do not have one anymore so we put him in his exersaucer.

The rest of Christmas Day was spent building LEGO sets and watching Christmas movies.

Each child got a board game for Christmas.  Except Lily who I was certain I had ordered it on Amazon and discovered late Christmas Eve night that I did not.  I told her I forgot and picked up her game today.  We have been playing lots of games.

I thought this was so cute that Lily was stitching a horse with her new Felicity doll beside her while watching her Felicity movie.  She really likes this kit.  I am going to look for more for her birthday.

Mom and dad left early Tuesday morning and made it back to Florida safely.

I hope you had a great week and a wonderful Christmas!

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