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Our Family

Monday, March 20, 2017

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 26

I'm a day behind getting this posted because I usually work on it Sunday afternoons but I had an article I had to write yesterday that took me forever and our internet was running super slow.  After that I just needed a break from the computer for awhile and had other things I needed to do.  Emmie woke up yesterday morning running fever and Alex (who had escaped all of the sickness so far this winter) had a sore throat, so I guess it continues on another week.

This week in our homeschool we got off to a late start just about every day.  I blame the time change. Anthony had a day this week that he wasn't feeling well and since Christian and Anthony do a lot of their work together, we just skipped a few things.  We missed Thursday because we were gone all day.

Week 26 in our Homeschool

P.E.: We skipped it this week.

Bible: In Window on the World we read about the Tibetans and Buddhism.  Our memory verse was Matthew 20:28 and we read Matthew 21:23-22:14.

Read Aloud: We read 4 chapters in Gladys Aylward.  In the afternoon we read several chapters of Shepherd, Potter, Spy, and the Star Namer.  In the evening we are reading The Quest for Seven Castles.

Poetry: We started working on Rebecca, Who Slammed Doors for Fun and Perished Miserably by Hilaire Belloc.

E.C.C: In the geography portion we did a flag sheet and wrote information about the flag. We also looked at Chinese numbers and reviewed the location of all the places we have studied so far.  In the science portion we read about the seas and the oceans and did some experiments with salt.

History: We completed two stops in Passport Ancient Greece on Greek Heroes and Warfare.

Art: We did the Floral Medley lesson from Creating a Masterpiece.

Language Arts:  I read Christian and Anthony a short composition on wool and they had to write it in their own words.  This is the last lesson we will be completing in Language Lessons for Today.  We will not start a new language arts.  Instead we will focus on Readers in Residence.

Spelling/Reading: Lily completed lesson 20 in All About Reading Level 3.  She read a cute story called Squirrel Antics.  Anthony and Christian finished Step 28 in AAS Level 3.  This was the last lesson in the book.  We are starting a review on Readers in Residence from Apologia.  Our review items came in on Tuesday so I read through the introductory stuff really quick and did the first lesson with the boys on Wednesday.  I ordered a second book (we only get one to review) so they can both do it together and that came on Friday so we can dive back in right after our break.

Math: Nick completed lesson 25 in MUS Geometry.  Alex completed 3 lessons in Teaching Textbooks 7.  Anthony and Lily completed 2 lessons in Math Lessons for a Living Education, and Christian completed 3.  Emmie wanted a math book of her own.  I was not going to start her in one until next year because there are math worksheets included in MFW K, but I went ahead and started her on Math Lessons for a Living Education Level One.  She loved it!! And completed several lessons each day.

MFW Creation from A to Z: Emmie started the unit on "k" for kangaroo.  We talked about kangaroos and she finished her picture card page, sound discrimination page, and handwriting page.

Nature Study: Did not get to it this week.

Digital Savvy: The boys started chapter 2.

All American History and God's Design in Nature: Nick completed through lesson 29 in AAH.  I honestly have no idea where he is in science since he is not following the suggested schedule.  He has started reading ahead and then going back to complete the hands on activities.

Other Activities this Week:

Monday Emmie had to get her ears rechecked in the morning and Christian had a soccer practice that evening.

Tuesday was gymnastics.  Lily sat and watched because she still was not feeling 100%..  We ate at the park and Nick went to youth.  Christian had his first soccer game.  He did not play much because he pulled a muscle.  Alex had a soccer practice.

Wednesday was Kid's Club and Lily's birthday.  We went out to eat at a local restaurant for her birthday dinner.

Thursday Chelsea had a doctor's appointment.  It was supposed to be a quick one so I loaded up all the children so we could go to the museum one last time before my pass expires ( I will buy a new one but I like to get my money's worth in a year.)  The appointment lasted much longer then we thought because they decided to do her glucose tolerance test.  We were there for two hours.  Then we ran and grabbed a quick lunch and headed over to the museum.

We were home for an hour and a half and had to head out to Alex's soccer game.

Friday we had grocery shopping and errands.

We are taking a short break from school next week to get caught up on a few things.

I hope you had a great week!

Happy Homeschooling!

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