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Our Family

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Virtual Fridge: Squirrel Drawings

We have started new Nature Journals this week.  Since I did not like the art assignment that went with our curriculum this week, I decided to have the children work on an animal drawing instead.

I bought this book right before Christmas.

The instructions are very basic and show the children what to draw using a series of pictures.

They chose to work on the squirrel.  I had 4 children working on this project: ages 5,7,9, and 11.

A couple of the squirrels after they were drawn and colored in.

Emmie (5)

Christian said his ate a few too many nuts!

They decided to add in some background.

The project took less than an hour from start to and only required pencils, white paper, erasers, and colored pencils.

The finished products.  Emmie (5) is top left, Christian (9) is top right, Anthony (11) bottom left, and Lily (7) bottom right.  Lily decided to add a raccoon to her picture as well.

I am linking this post to The Virtual Fridge.

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