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Our Family

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Virtual Fridge: The Kitenge Tree from Tanzania

This week in geography, we started learning about Africa.  As I was looking for an art lesson to do to go along with Africa, I remembered that we did finish all of our art lessons from ArtAchieve last summer.  We had so much fun completing those art lessons.  We had great results and did different drawings from many different place in the world.  One of the three lessons that we had left was The Kitenge Tree Wall Hanging from Tanzania, a country in Africa. 

Supplies needed for this project were lesson were:


watercolor brush
dark acrylic paint

ArtAchieve Lesson and drawing warm up

We only have one computer and Alex needed it for his math, so we had to watch the lesson on the iPad.

I love the ability to pause the video whenever you need to.  Every time he drew a new line, I paused it while the children added their lines. 

After they finished drawing, they colored in their designs.  The drawing and coloring took us almost an hour.

Then you are supposed to crumple up your paper to crack the crayon and paint over your drawing with paint to finish it off, but the children did not want to do that.  They were pleased with the results they had after coloring.

Emmie (5) is top left then Lily (7).  Anthony (11) is bottom left and Christian (9) bottom right.

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