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Our Family

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Virtual Fridge: African Silhouette

This week in geography we are continuing in our study on Africa.  I was looking for a fun art project to go along with our study and saw some beautiful pictures of an African savannah at sunset.  Of course the pins I found had no instructions, just the image, but I thought it looked easy enough to recreate.

I try to keep a variety of art supplies in the house and knew I had watercolors and water color paper.   I thought I had a large stack of construction paper only to find out as I was setting out supplies that the children had used it all!  Next time I will be sure to double check.  I did find one piece of  black cardstock that we were able to use.

First the children painted in their sunset on the paper using orange and yellows and black for the ground.  Then those that wanted a tree painted in a black tree.  They chose different African animals: zebra, elephant, giraffe, and lion and traced those shapes onto the black cardstock.  Once the paint was dry they glued the animals on to the picture.

Christian (9) is top left, Lily (7) top right, Emmie (5) bottom left and Anthony (11) bottom right.

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