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Our Family

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 14

I'm still without a computer, and do not like blogging on my iPad.  The computer I dropped will not come back to life, and the one my parents ordered for me from Walmart never made it because Walmart cancelled the order on a suspicion of fraud and never notified my mom! So she ordered one from Amazon that will get here this week, and then maybe I can get caught up on a few things!

Week 14 in Our Homeschool

Bible: My files from Grapevine are on the broken computer, so this week we read from a story book Bible every day starting where we left off in our Grapevine Studies with the birth of Isaac. 

Read Aloud: We finished up God's Smuggler.  We also looked up some photos of Brother Andrew because the boys wanted to see what he looked like.  We started the first chapter of The Best Christmas Pageant.

P.E. : We completed lessons 63-66 in Family Time Fitness

History: Nick and Alex finished lessons 34-36 in The Mystery of History Volume IV on Cambodia, and the Civil War parts 1 and 2.  They did the worksheets, memory cards, and timeline, but not the map because I didn't have access to the files.

Science: In Exploring Creation with Anatomy and Physiology we finished chapter 7 on blood.

My Father's World Adventures: This week we finished up Sarah Whitcher's Story.  The boys were fascinated to know it was based on a true story.  We read about George Washington being sworn in as President.  We also looked at photos online of Mt. Vernon. We made some Johnny Cakes ( children were not impressed) and did some experiments with water ( we are waiting for mold to grow.)

Math: Everyone finished up their Math U See lesson 13. 

Grammar/lit/writing : I had a horrible homeschool mom moment this week.  I went to look over Alex's grammar that I haven't looked at in forever and discovered he is more than a little lost.  Shame on me for not discovering it sooner.  I am going to have him work with me Anthony and Christian for awhile on Level One of Fix It! So I can be sure he understands.  We finished lesson 18 of Fix It! 1 and 2. Anthony and Christian did a key word outline on Holsteins in PAL writing.  In case you didn't know that is also from IEW.  It is their early elementary reading and writing.  We started it a few years ago and completed parts 1 and 2 but we're not ready for part 3 so we waited until this year.  It is similar to SWI but a slower gentler approach for younger children.

Reading/Spelling:  Alex completed lesson 12 in Phonetic Zoo.  Anthony and Christian did not do a new spelling list this week.  In AAR Level 3 they completed lesson 12 and lily completed lesson 31 in AAR Level one.

Other Activities This Week

Monday we had to go to Texarkana.  Alex chipped a tooth over Thanksgiving.  Luckily it was a baby tooth and it just had to be pulled. While we were there we went and spent a fortune at SAMs Club, and got to cut down our Christmas tree.  The girls made it to gymnastics but were a few minutes late.

Tuesday we decorated the tree.

Wednesday Nick had youth.  While he was there I took the others to the playground to enjoy some of this nice weather we have been having.

Friday we had a homeschool party.  We met a church and made frozen pizzas and played BINGO.  It was 77 degrees which is unusual for us this time of year. We had a great time.

I hope you had a great week in your homeschool!
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