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Our Family

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

December Grandview Co-op

This post is a little late since the co-op was on December 4th, but I could not upload the pictures with no computer!  My new laptop arrived this evening, now hopefully I will be able to figure out everything on it!

Anyway, for our monthly homeschool co-op at Grandview, we continued on the topic of the Caddo Indians.  We were a very small group this month.  We talked about the medicines the Caddo Indians made and then were able to make a medicine pouch.

We used a material that was similar to leather, but less expensive and easier to work with.  Each of the children were given an 18 inch square that they could make two small pouches or one big pouch. Almost all of the children chose one big pouch.  We had a circle they had to trace around and then cut out.

Then the children had rulers that they used to measure where the marks went so they could punch out their holes.

Next they used a tool to punch the holes.  This was the hardest part of the project.

Next they had to sew the leather strap though the holes they had punched out.

After that we just had to tighten the leather strap and each child had their pouch!

We will not be having our co-op in January just because of the after Christmas craziness.  But we will start back again in February and hopefully some of those that haven't been able to make it will be able to be back.
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