Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, September 19, 2015

September Grandview Co-op

This will be our third year to have a once a month homeschool co-op at Rick Evans Grandview Prairie in Columbus Arkansas.  Here in Arkansas, part of our sales tax goes to funding our state parks.  Part of the funding goes to educational programs giving us the opportunity to learn about a variety of topics without having to pay for them.  They do programs for the general public, school groups, 4 H scouts, and any other groups that have an interest.  Our once a month co-ops started 3 years ago when a homeschool friend and I that had attended several programs that were held on the week-end for anyone who signed up missed a program we had wanted to attend on bluebirds.  When I asked about when it would be again I was told that since we were part of a homeschool group I could schedule that program or any other whenever it was convenient for us.  She also told me that if there was a specific topic that we wanted to cover that she could create a program on it if there wasn't already one.  Isn't that awesome!  I came up with the idea of our homeschool group going to Grandview once a month for some hands on educational activities.  Last year we turned it into a combined co-op doing a program in the morning, breaking for lunch and having an art class in the afternoon.  We have covered a lot of different topics, including the bluebird program that got the ball rolling, and have made some really cool projects.

This year we decided we would start out with a new series.  Rather than taking a science approach which the majority of our co-ops have done, we decided to turn to history and do a series on the Caddo Indians and cover a different aspect of their lives each month.  The first topic would be on toys.

I had to decide not to teach the art co-op this year.  There is just too much on my plate and I am trying to lower my stress level.  I had fun teaching it, but we will hopefully still get some art in at home.  I had planned on being there for the program on Caddo Indians and their toys, but it didn't work out.  A sweet friend came and took some of the children though and they had a great time!

The project was corn husk dolls.  I have to tell you that I was so excited this was the project!  I had planned on making these with the children this year and almost had ordered some kits to make them.  My friend Aneesah who does all of our programs at Grandview does such a great job coming up with the programs and the projects that we make.  I am always impressed!  We had 23 children attend the program.

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